Ranking of the best book readers for windows in 2024

A growing number of individuals are becoming aware of the benefits that digital books offer in comparison to traditional paper books. As a result of this trend, there has been a natural increase in the need for suitable applications that allow you to read a range of books straight on your computer. The following is a list of the most well-known readers that have been able to garner the approval of a significant number of individual users.


A program that serves multiple purposes and comes from the book service with the same name. Additionally, it has capabilities for highlighting quotes, a very good user interface, and the capability to synchronize the library with other library files. Free reading is possible for books that have been downloaded from a computer. It will be necessary for you to obtain a paid subscription in order to gain access to the Bookmate corporate library.

Individuals have the option of reading the works of interest either on the website or through the application. When it comes to functionality, both scenarios are identical. A bookmarking feature, the ability to preserve the current reading position, and tools for working with information are also included.

Anyone who uses the program will have no trouble comprehending it and will be able to read any book without discomfort, including the ability to bookmark pages and highlight the most memorable passages.

Google Play Books

Any online browser can be used to access this web service, which is a reader for PCs that is incredibly convenient. It is not even necessary for the user to install any additional software on the personal computer.

Additionally, the application offers all of the essential features that are required for free online reading of literature. Separately, you can integrate the extension in the Google Chrome browser to read books stored on the disk even without connecting to the network.

The user interface of the plugin is fairly intuitive, and it offers a respectable collection of tools for working with text. All of the devices that are connected to your Google account will automatically synchronize different data, including left bookmarks, highlights, reading positions, and other information.


An exceptionally well-liked application for all those who are enthusiastic about electronic books. As a result of the program’s support for all of the common formats (epub, fb2, doc to pdf, and html), any annoyance that may arise when attempting to locate a book is much reduced. In addition to that, there is a function that allows you to convert from one system to another.

One of the things that makes the application advantageous is that it has a user-friendly interface that can be altered by the user according to his individual tastes. You are able to entirely disable any modules that are not required if it becomes necessary.

In addition, it is important to highlight the capability of finding and organizing books according to their formats and keywords, which significantly simplifies the process of navigating a huge library.

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Fiction Book Reader

A well-designed tool that is compatible with e-books in a variety of widely used formats and works reliably with them. Initially, it was designed to open texts in FB2, but it also supports extensions such as.epub,.mobi, and.txt. This was the intention from the very beginning.

Built-in OPDS catalogs make it possible to navigate the electronic library in a short amount of time and locate the book you are looking for by using keywords, the author’s name, or the title.

In order to make reading more comfortable, you can activate full-screen mode, which will remove any unnecessary content. One of the reader’s relative drawbacks is that it is only compatible with the most recent versions of the Windows 8, 8.1, and 10 operating systems. Additionally, in order to have complete access to all of the functionalities, you will be required to pay a set sum to the program developers.

Sumatra PDF

A universal application that is compatible with PDF files as well as ePub and MOBI presentation formats. Additionally, it is important to highlight the fact that the program is able to accommodate CBZ and CBR comics, which considerably broadens the scope of the service.

You have the option of installing Sumatra PDF on a disk or running it in portable mode. As a result, you can easily store it to a USB flash drive, and then take advantage of all of its capabilities on any computer you choose.

The process of opening books is done in tabs, which allows for the simultaneous reading of multiple copies of the same text. The user interface is not overladen with functions and options that are not necessary, and it is extremely straightforward. Display mode and text size are both able to be customized.

Cool Reader

A reader that is both convenient and aesthetically pleasing. Texts are displayed in the format of an expanded book at this time. If necessary, the interface can be adjusted to your satisfaction. Almost all options are connected to the display.

An additional feature is a speech synthesizer that is integrated right in. This speech synthesizer not only has the ability to voice the text in a clear and distinct manner, but it can also make audio recordings for offline listening purposes.

There is an archiver that is built in that is compatible with rar, zip, arj, lha, and ha file formats.

It is important to keep in mind, however, that the voice engine does not always function very effectively. In addition, when books are presented in pdf format, they are displayed as pictures, which means that it will not be possible to speak them.

STDU Viewer

The free universal reader known as STDU Viewer is compatible with a wide range of file types, including fb2, DjVu, PDF, ePUB, and TIFF.

A function that allows you to modify the brightness and contrast, as well as scale the font, select the page orientation and the number of pages displayed on the screen, and select the page orientation, is included in addition to the normal functionality.

The text that is being displayed can be printed directly from the program if that is something that is desired. Nevertheless, we are unable to edit files at this location.

A bookmark tree can be imported into a computer in order to facilitate the transfer of data from one computer to another.

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One of the most feature-packed readers that provides a wide variety of text settings for each individual reader. You have the ability to select the backdrop subject of interest, select intervals, or eliminate visual aspects that are not necessary.

A computer, cloud storage, and popular online catalogs are the methods by which books can be accessed for reading purposes. The tool is free to use by default; but, it may occasionally display advertisements to the user.

Windows 10-based computers, laptops, and tablets are all excellent candidates for this choice. With touch screens in mind, the program’s user interface has been enhanced.

Adobe Reader

A PDF viewer that is standard. Magazines, essays, works of art, and a great deal more can all be read easily with this device. When working with data, the utility offers the most stable experience possible, preventing any issues with fonts or photos.

A number of functions are made available, including those for highlighting fragments, resizing text, and making bookmarks. Through the use of the built-in synthesizer, books can be voiced if the user so desires.

There are a number of drawbacks associated with the application, one of which is that it was developed solely for the PDF file format and is not suited for use with other extensions. Because of this, it is difficult to refer to it as a full-fledged multifunctional reader.

Ice Book Reader Professional

Software that is widely used and built for FB2 documents. This is a free tool that supports more than seventy different interface languages and has a wide variety of settings to make reading with it as comfortable as possible.

The vast majority of contemporary e-book formats are supported, and the integrated search engine makes navigating significantly less difficult.

Additionally, the utility allows for the reading of archived texts without the prior requirement of unpacking them individually.

On the Internet, you may find a wide variety of apps that allow you to read books on your computer. There are utilities that are fully free, as well as applications that require payment. The ultimate decision is determined by the preferences of a certain user while also taking into account the functions that he requires.

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More Insights

When it comes to ebook readers for Windows, there are several options available to cater to different preferences and needs. One popular choice is Sumatra PDF, known for its simplicity and speed in handling various ebook formats, including EPUB files. For those looking for the best EPUB readers specifically, there are dedicated applications like Icecream Ebook Reader that offer a user-friendly interface and customizable reading experience.

If you’re interested in exploring EPUB readers for Windows further, you can also check out the Microsoft Store for a variety of options, both free and paid. Some of the best EPUB readers for Windows offer features like adjustable font size, support for comic books, and compatibility with open-source formats. Whether you’re looking for the best free EPUB reader or a premium option with enhanced functionalities, there are plenty of choices to enhance your digital reading experience on Windows.

For users who prefer Adobe Digital Editions, this software is specifically designed for reading EPUB ebooks and offers features such as the ability to add notes and annotations to your ebooks. It also supports popular ebook formats, making it a versatile choice for Windows PC users. Additionally, Amazon Kindle has a free version of its software for Windows, allowing users to access their cloud-stored ebooks and read in different reading modes.

If you’re someone who enjoys reading PDF files as well as EPUBs, you might consider a reader that supports both file formats. This way, you can easily manage your reading progress across different book formats. Some popular EPUB readers for Windows also offer cloud storage integration, allowing you to access your free ebooks from multiple devices.

For those looking for a free download, Epubor Reader is a popular choice with a user-friendly interface and support for various reading modes. It’s designed to cater to the needs of users who want a free epub reader for Windows with support for popular formats and open source ebooks.

Whether you’re looking for a simple and fast PDF reader or a versatile EPUB reader with support for multiple book formats, there are numerous options available for Windows users to enjoy their favorite free ebooks and enhance their digital reading experience.

For those who enjoy reading comic books, dedicated comic book readers like Thorium Reader or Aquile Reader provide a unique reading experience with features tailored to comic book enthusiasts. Kobo Clara is another excellent choice for those looking to read ebooks from Project Gutenberg or Google Play, as it supports multiple formats, including EPUB and PDF.

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If you prefer reading on your PC, Kindle for PC or Kindle Scribe are great options that allow you to access your digital library and read ebooks from Amazon. Neat Reader is another versatile choice that supports EPUB and PDF formats, offering a fully customizable reading experience with features like background color options and text highlighting.

Icecream Apps offer a range of ebook readers for Windows that cater to different reading preferences, including fully customizable settings and support for multiple formats. Whether you’re looking for a simple EPUB reader or a feature-rich digital content reader, there are plenty of options available to enhance your reading experience on Windows.

When it comes to ebook readers for Windows that cater to a diverse range of needs, there are several options available that offer unique features to enhance your reading experience. For readers who enjoy exploring literature in multiple languages, an open-source ebook reader like Calibre is a popular choice that supports various file types and allows you to customize your reading experience with features like dark mode, font type selection, and text highlighting.

Amazon Kindle Scribe is another option that caters to those who prefer reading Kindle books on their Windows or Mac devices, offering seamless access to your digital library and online catalogs. The app offers a user-friendly interface and supports various file formats, including EPUB, to help you read books in different formats from sources like Google Drive or public libraries.

For readers looking for a completely free ebook reading experience, Neat Reader is a versatile reader app that supports library management and allows you to create bookmarks, edit metadata, and enjoy reading books stored in EPUB format. With its customizable settings and text highlighting feature, Neat Reader offers a user-friendly interface with a minimal learning curve for readers of all levels.

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Whether you’re looking to access your favorite Kindle books or explore free ebooks from public libraries, there are ebook readers for Windows that support a wide range of file formats and operating systems to suit your preferences. With features like library management, text highlighting, and supported formats for various file types, you can enhance your ebook reading experience and discover new literary adventures with ease.

Another great option is the Amazon Kindle Scribe, which offers a modern UI and supports a wide range of file formats, including EPUB books. This reader app allows you to track your reading progress, add bookmarks, and seamlessly access your library across devices. With features like customization options and support for multiple file formats like PDF and EPUB, Kindle Scribe enhances your reading experience while offering a free trial to explore its capabilities.

For those looking for a reliable PDF reader that supports multiple languages and offers a lifetime free version of the program, Neat Reader is a top choice. This app is compatible with Windows and provides reading progress tracking, battery life optimization, and the ability to download free ebooks in PDF and EPUB formats. With in-app purchases available for additional features, Neat Reader allows you to enhance your reading experience with customizable settings and support for various file formats like PDF and EPUB.

Neat Reader also stands out for its ability to open EPUB files, making it a versatile option for readers who enjoy exploring ebooks in different formats. By supporting formats like PDF and EPUB, Neat Reader ensures that you can access a wide variety of literary works seamlessly on your Windows device.

Ebook readers for Windows offer a wealth of features to enhance your reading experience. Whether you prefer tracking your reading progress, adding bookmarks to your favorite passages, or accessing ebooks in formats like PDF and EPUB, there are reader apps available that cater to your needs. With support for multiple languages, compatibility with Windows, and the ability to read across devices, these ebook readers provide a convenient and customizable way to enjoy literature in the digital age.

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