What Happens To My Grindr Account If I Uninstall The Application?

What happens to my Grindr account if I uninstall the app? Look no further, here we have the answers to that and other doubts.

You’re tired of Grindr, you’ve decided to delete the application to find a date, sex, or husband and now you’re wondering what happens to my Grindr account if I uninstall the application. Well, in this article we tell you all the details. And you have to understand that if you uninstall the Grindr application you are not deleting your account permanently. Something that opens a whole range of possibilities that you should know about your profile in this application to flirt with men.

Let’s start from the beginning: you cannot confuse deleting or uninstalling the Grindr application with deleting your Grindr account. They are two different processes with two different results. So, when you delete your Grindr account, your profile information, chats, and other data linked to this account disappear. However, when you uninstall the application you are only deleting the access to this dating app from your mobile, without affecting your Grindr profile. The same applies to your Grindr Xtra subscription if you have one, which will remain active and unchanged even if you delete the app. You will only stop taking advantage of it.

Obviously, when you uninstall the Grindr application without deleting your Grindr profile, it may remain active for a while. Over the hours it will eventually show as offline. But other profiles may have seen you during that period. And, in fact, it will still be a valid profile, even if it is not active. The good thing about this is that, if you install Grindr again on your mobile and enter the same credentials you will revive this profile without problems, recovering the favorites and conversations that you have saved in the backup.

The bad thing is that, if you want to erase all traces of your Grindr profile, uninstalling the application will not serve this purpose. To do this you must go to the sidebar of the application and enter the Settings menu. Then click on the Deactivate option and then on the Delete account option. Grindr will ask you to specify why you want to leave and to confirm the action if you really want to delete everything related to your profile. Note that this step has no way back and you will lose all content related to your Grindr profile forever.

How To Delete Grindr Chats

If what you want is to get rid of Grindr conversations or chats that bother you or are simply collecting dust, there is a more convenient option than deleting your account or uninstalling the application. Deleting this information will cause you to lose the messages and photos, audios and videos shared in these chats forever, so think twice before doing it for good with all the chats.

If you have an iPhone you will find the option to delete a chat by swiping it to the left from the chat screen. 

If you have Grindr on an Android phone you can make a long press on a conversation to mark it. This will bring up the delete button at the top of the screen. The best thing about this system is that you can mark several conversations at once to make a mass deletion. Very useful and very fast to avoid having to delete chat by chat.

Recover Grindr Account

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As we explained at the beginning of this article, it is very different to uninstall the Grindr application than to delete the Grindr account. With this second option, there is no way to recover your profile. If you have deleted it forever, it is indeed forever. So there is no way to get back your messages, your favorite profiles, or even the description information, measurements, roles, and photos from your account.

However, if you have only uninstalled Grindr from your mobile you will always have the option to recover your Grindr account. The only thing you will need is to remember your access keys: your email account and password. By installing the application and entering your credentials, you will activate and get your old profile back up and running, photos, and all. You may not get your conversations back if you haven’t backed them up, but at least you won’t have to start your profile from scratch.

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