Error On Grindr: Something Went Wrong Please Try Again

Have you encountered any problems on error on Grindr? Here we tell you what are the common errors and how to solve them.

“Something went wrong, please try again Have you encountered this error in Grindr? It is not the only one you will see if you have been using this application for a while to flirt with gay men, trans women and other people of the LGTBI community. And it is that, even being the best known, used and developed over the years, it also has its faults and problems. And here we are going to tell you what they are and teach you how to solve them. So that a mistake does not prevent you from finding love. Or a good romp.

To Continue, Activate The Location Of The Device That Uses Google Location Services.

If you get this error that says “To continue, enable device location using Google location services”, it is clear that you are having problems with the location of your mobile. Your phone can’t find where you are. To fix it you will have to perform several steps. The first will be to set your GPS to high accuracy, to make sure it is able to find you as reliably as possible. To do this:

  • Go to your device’s settings.
  • Look for the Location section.
  • Access the advanced settings section found in the Location menu.
  • Change your location mode to High accuracy. It usually depends on using your mobile’s WiFi and Bluetooth connections to get more specific data on your current location.

With that, it’s time to restart Grindr to make sure it picks up the new location data correctly. Follow these steps:

  • Open your device’s Settings.
  • Go to the applications section.
  • Select Grindr.
  • Tap Force Stop/Close.
  • Tap Storage.
  • Tap Clear Cache.
  • Re-open Grindr.
  • This should fix your location problem, with updated and more accurate data on your current location.

Cell phones that do not use Google services, as is currently the case with Huawei, will suffer from this problem irremediably. And is that Grindr uses these Google services in the field of location to find the user’s position. A good solution is to use the GSpace tool to use Grindr through it with Google services.

Maximum Number Of Accounts

If you run into the error “maximum number of accounts” when trying to do some management in Grindr means that you have reached the limit. You will not be able to register new accounts with that email address. So, to create a new account and not encounter this problem you must associate a new email account. And that’s it.

No Internet Connection Can Not Be Updated

In Grindr it is quite common to encounter the error “no Internet connection, can not update”. It usually happens for several reasons, although the main one is that your Internet connection has failed. Check if it is a WiFi problem by disconnecting your mobile from this network. Open the settings and disable WiFi. If, with your Internet data, the same error appears, then the problem is with the application. You can also check that you have access to other applications that use the Internet to see if the problem is with the connection or the app.

If the problem is with the app, you just have to restart the phone to try to repair it. It usually solves a large number of errors. You should also check that there is no pending update to install in the Google Play Store, if you have an Android phone, or in the App Store if you have an iPhone.

If Grindr still does not work and offers the same error over and over again, it is most likely an internal server problem. Wait a while and check if the error does not disappear automatically.

Can’t Update. Try Again Later

This “unable to update” error can occur for many reasons. From problems with your Internet connection, to the use of VPNs that don’t work quite right, IP blocking or even regions censored by unprogressive governments. Yes, all of these can be affecting your dating app. In these cases, these are the official steps offered by Grindr to resume the correct functioning of the app:

  • Force close the app.
  • Wait approximately 30 minutes.
  • Reopen Grindr.

With that, the error should stop appearing, as long as there is no persistent cause that keeps it. Then, you should be able to update your grid of close contacts without any problem. Even so, if the error exists, Grindr recommends a second way to avoid the “can’t update” problem. It consists of completely deleting the application from your mobile and reinstalling it from scratch. Of course, try to save all your conversations if you do not want to lose any of them before deleting the app from your phone.

Insecure Connection Detected

The error “insecure connection detected” may appear when you want to log in to Grindr while you are connected to a public or questionably secure WiFi network. Or when it is a WiFi network where you need to log in to have Internet connection. If the problem persists you should click on the Retry connection button until you are redirected to the WiFi settings.

You may have to identify yourself with your email or some other identity token to connect to the Internet through that public WiFi network. This is common in hotels and airports, for example. When you have an Internet connection, check that Grindr works as it should.

If, with all this, Grindr still throws the error “insecure connection detected”, those responsible for the technical service of the dating app recommend reinstalling it. If you have an Internet connection, it is recommended that you make a backup of your chats. If you can download Grindr again, it is very likely that it was a connection error and, with this, it will be solved.

Registration Error

In this case, the problem is serious, and affects the system for creating new accounts. In fact, Grindr asks you to go to its help section to solve it. It will ask you for information such as the registration method (if you use email, your Google account or Facebook account), if you have already linked your email to a Grindr account and also the place (city or town) from where you want to register. You can ask for assistance through their support page by following the steps listed there.