Why Aliexpress Won’t Let Me Open A Dispute

Worried about why AliExpress won’t let me open a dispute? These may be the reasons that prevent you from doing so

The meme showing what we expect to buy on AliExpress and what we end up receiving is very popular. Beyond our expectations, what can be very frustrating is not knowing why AliExpress won’t let me open a dispute when we are clearly dissatisfied with the item we have received, either because it is in defective condition or simply because it does not match the description of the item.

The main reason why we cannot open a dispute on AliExpress is that it has to be done within 15 days of receiving the order. It is also not possible to exercise this right on AliExpress if 10 days have not passed since the shipment was confirmed by the seller or the product in question is still in transit. Another option is that the evidence you are trying to provide is too heavy (images or videos too large) or in a format that the platform does not recognize. 

What It Means To Open A Dispute On Aliexpress

Before taking the step, it is useful to know what it means to open a dispute on AliExpress. It is a process that involves the intermediation of the company itself between the seller and the buyer to determine who is right within a claim. In general, the platform usually sides with the buyer, as long as the buyer provides sufficient evidence that the product does not meet minimum quality standards or is misleading because it does not match the description.

How To Open A Dispute On Aliexpress From Your Cell Phone

Although it is common to use this online commerce platform from the computer, there are many users who want to know how to open a dispute on AliExpress from their cell phone. To do this, when you open the application, in the bottom menu bar you will find the ‘My account’ section on the right side of the screen. We access there and in the ‘Orders’ section, we click on ‘View all’.

We will then see a list of all our orders, so we choose the one we want to open a dispute for and click on it. In the part where you specify who the seller is, you will see a description of the item with its price, and just below it is the option ‘Open dispute’. Click there and start following the instructions of the application to submit our claim to AliExpress.

How To Reopen Dispute On Aliexpress

There is only one scenario with which we will have a way on how to reopen dispute on AliExpress. Only if we have been the ones who have canceled the open dispute, we will have the opportunity to reopen it to have workers of the platform mediate between us and the seller in case of complaint.

Unfortunately, if the dispute has ended with an unfavorable outcome for the buyer, the buyer will no longer have the option to reopen the dispute, as AliExpress has made a decision. Our only alternative is to contact the customer service of the application to try to appeal to a final instance, although its operation is chaotic and sometimes erratic, being possible to find pages that do not load and make it difficult to find assistance.

How To Open A Dispute On Aliexpress To Get My Money Back

Those interested in finding out how to open a dispute on AliExpress to get my money back should know that the process is the same as indicated in the previous section, enter the ‘My orders’ section, select the product in question and open it. Once opened, we will have the possibility to choose between requesting a full refund or a partial refund. In both cases, after requesting it you will have to provide sufficient evidence to support your complaints, so that the platform ends up siding with you.

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