How To Search Google Maps For A Person

Find out how to search Google Maps for a person and see all their reviews, contributions and recommendations with little effort.

Some of Google’s own applications are surprising for the depth and quantity of functions they contain without us knowing it. Even the most widely used for navigation makes it easy for us to search Google Maps for a person. We all have a contact who provides a lot of information in this application by writing reviews and rating businesses and tourist sites, and if we can also follow him or her to keep up to date with their contributions, all the better.

To be able to search for a person on Google Maps we will have to make sure that the application has permission granted to access our contacts and also need to be using it with our Google user. This way it will be able to synchronize with the closest people and will give us the option to find them and see what they have written in the application recently.

How To Track A Person On Google Maps

Those interested in how to track a person on Google Maps will be surprised at how simple it is. When we enter the application, we only have to go to the ‘What’s New’ section (located in the bottom menu bar on the right side) and in the ‘Following’ tab we will see recommendations of people we can follow. We will only have to click on the ‘Follow’ button that will appear below their profile or, if you prefer, enter in detail in the same, although you will find the same alternative.

How Google Maps Contacts Work

It may come as a surprise, as usually this application is used as a GPS for getting from one place to another, so if you’ve never wondered how Google Maps contacts work it’s time to investigate a little more to see how we can get the most out of the contacts we are following.

When we start following a profile on Google Maps, we will get notifications with the latest reviews or contributions it has made within the app’s ecosystem, but if we access it we will find all the content created divided into several categories to make it easier for us.

For example, we have added a gastronomic guru, but we want to know what he has written in general, not only about restaurants. To do this, we scroll to the right in the bar of the different categories and click on ‘More topics’, where we will see a breakdown of all his contributions. All we have to do is click on the category we are most interested in to find out his first-hand opinions and see if any of the places he has visited are worthwhile or not.

Is It Possible To Know The Location Of A Person Without Them Knowing It On Google Maps?

There is another question, much more thorny, that is natural to ask when you want to search for someone in the application: Can you know the location of a person without them knowing it on Google Maps? Before getting into the matter, it is worth clarifying that spying on another person’s phone without permission is an illegal activity that violates the person’s right to privacy.

In some cases, such as elderly people, it is likely that they will give their consent to a family member to access their phone. In these cases, we will need their Google username and password to access their account.

The process is explained in this article, and consists of opening Google on a computer and searching for “find my phone”. There we close our session, in case it was open, and enter the data of the user we want to locate (and for whom we have permission). We enter the verification code, something that we will have to provide the other person, and by doing so we can already have access to your Android phone to know where exactly is located, provided that the mobile is on, with Internet connection and location enabled.