How To Know The Shipping Costs Of Vinted

Find out how to know the shipping costs of Vinted. Do you know the trick that lets you how to find out Vinted’s shipping costs? Follow these tips and don’t overpay for second hand clothes.

When buying second hand clothes on different platforms, one of the biggest concerns is to know how much extra money will have to bring, so it is important to know how to know the shipping costs of Vinted. Before confirming a purchase, we have to check the extra charges, which in the case of this platform are a buyer protection fee and -if applicable- shipping costs, depending on the seller’s location.

To find out the shipping costs of a product on Vinted, we will have to start the purchase process of the garment or item we are interested in, but without actually specifying it. In this way, we will be able to see a breakdown of the charges included in the application without having to commit ourselves and we will have the possibility of backing out if the charge is too high, something that has led to many complaints from users on social networks.

In this case we are going to make a sample of how to detect whether or not Vinted adds shipping costs to a particular item. When we enter the app, we select the garment and when we enter the description we scroll down, until we see a section where it says ‘Shipping’. There, we check that the shipping price is “from 0.00 “, but that ‘from’ can hide some trick, so we scroll up and click on ‘Buy’. There the final breakdown will then appear, and in this case we have been lucky, since only the buyer protection fee is added, without any shipping cost.

How To Get Free Shipping On Vinted

We usually want to avoid these kinds of scares, so we’re interested in how to get free shipping on Vinted. The application does not offer the requirements it establishes to calculate when it applies some shipping costs or others, and in fact there are times of the year when it lowers them considerably to encourage consumption.

Vinted users will have to pay more shipping costs the further away the seller’s location is from us. The large number of French or other European sellers means that on more than one occasion we will encounter unexpected shipping costs, but the application usually displays results close to our location to avoid surprises of this type.

New Sellers

Another widely held opinion among Vinted users is that buying clothing or accessories from new sellers will avoid shipping costs. This theory is supported by the idea that Vinted wants to incentivize those users who are taking their first steps in the application by helping them with their sales, but there is no certainty that this is the case.

The most decisive factor in determining shipping costs is the geographical distance between seller and buyer, so it is advisable not to change our actual location when creating our profile so that the application recommends products with lower shipping costs.

How Much Does It Cost To Ship With Vinted Outside Spain?

Many sellers wonder how much it costs to ship with Vinted outside Spain, given the popularity of the application in Central Europe especially. The good news is that the shipping costs are always on the buyer’s side, so in that sense we will not have to worry about anything but that the product is in good condition, its description is detailed to avoid complaints and leave the same at the shipping point set to reach the buyer, wherever he is.

Only if the buyer chooses a shipping option with instructions, the seller will have to pay extra in advance, but when the order is completed the money will be refunded and the seller will receive it together with the sale price.