Why Google maps does not load maps 2024

You may have ever wondered why Google Maps does not load maps. We tell you the possible solutions.

If you need to get somewhere but you are not able to find it in the application, surely you have wondered why Google Maps does not load maps.

One of the most common problems why maps may not load normally is that you are offline. If you are connected to a WiFi network, you can check if it is a network problem by logging in with another device or switching to data. If you are using your mobile data directly, you can try going to another website. When you are driving on secondary roads in areas with poor coverage, it is common that the connection does not work as it should.

If you are going on a trip where you are likely to encounter areas without coverage, we recommend downloading the maps beforehand. In this way, they will be stored in the memory of your cell phone, and you will be able to access them without problems even if at a certain time you are without an Internet connection.

Google maps does not work 2021

Many times we find that Google Maps does not work because of a problem with our phone or the application. The first step you should take if this is your case is to restart the application and, if it still does not work, restart the phone.

In case the problems continue, a possible solution is to clear the app cache. To do this, you will have to enter Settings>Applications>Google Maps and then press the clear cache button. Once you have done this, try the application again. If it still does not work properly, a solution may be to delete it and reinstall it. It is also recommended that you always check that you have the latest version of the app installed.

Google maps does not follow the route

Sometimes, we encounter the problem that Google Maps does not follow the route. In most cases, this is due to occasional problems with the service. And if you try it again for a few minutes it will probably work without problems. It is also important that you check that you have given permission to use the GPS on your phone.

If it still does not work correctly, we recommend that you repeat the steps we have indicated in the previous section. That is, first try restarting the application, and if it still does not work, restart the cell phone. If the problems with Google Maps are not solved, we recommend clearing the cache and even uninstall and reinstall the application if necessary. If you have the map downloaded, it is not usually necessary to be connected to the Internet all the way, but if it is not the case also check that there are no coverage problems.

Google maps does not work on Xiaomi

There are times when Google Maps does not work on Xiaomi because of a small problem with the GPS in the Chinese brand mobiles.

To solve it, you must enter the phone’s Settings and go to the Passwords and security section. Within this section, we enter Location and then the Location Accuracy option. If you see that the Improve Location Accuracy option is active, we recommend that you disable it. Although in principle it is an option that is an improvement, the reality is that it often gives quite a few problems, so if you have failures it is better to leave it disabled.

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