You are not eligible to join TikTok: solutions

One of the most annoying messages you may receive is the “you are not eligible to join TikTok” message: solutions to fix it.

Have you ever tried to create an account and found out that you are not eligible to join TikTok? In this article, we are going to try to shed light on possible solutions for a problem that affects many users, surprised to see that they do not have prior permission to register in an application that is totally free.

what are the requirements to create a TikTok account?

The first thing we need to clarify is what are the requirements to create an account on TikTok. The only thing that is required before joining the social network is to be over 13 years old. Nobody is unaware that TikTok is a social network in which children have a very important role thanks to the popularity of the choreographies that are mostly published on it.

However, if you are under 13 years old you are not allowed to use TikTok and the application itself will tell you that you do not meet the requirements when you try to register. One solution used by many is to use an account created by their parents or another adult. In these cases, it is recommended that it is always used under the supervision of these adults and that it is not used to upload videos. If the moderators detect that the account is being used by a minor under 13 years of age to publish content, they also risk being suspended and encountering this message when accessing the application.

A violation of TikTok’s rules of use can also lead to your profile becoming ineligible, so it is advisable to review them. The moderators of the social network can suspend any account without prior notice. If someone impersonates someone else, posts inappropriate content (scenes with high sexual or violent content), or tries to extract data from the application, they will most likely be sanctioned with a temporary or permanent suspension.

I cannot access TikTok and I am over 13 years old.

Despite this, the Internet is full of messages from users who claim: “I can’t access TikTok and I’m over 13 years old“, the minimum age to use the app. It is quite common that in a hurry we try to create an account without paying attention to the date of birth we enter, so it is not excluded that when creating it a year has been chosen that is below the minimum age, so the solution is to generate a new account from scratch paying close attention when entering the age.

Another possible solution for users who are over 13 but cannot access the application because they do not meet the requirements is to clear the application’s cache. This trick has not proven to be as useful as it might seem, since the number of users who claim in comments and forums to have done it without success is large enough to rule it out.

If you have any of the above problems (or others not mentioned), you can always contact TikTok user support, either through Twitter (@TikTokSupport) or from the application itself. To do this, we have to go into ‘Settings and privacy‘ within the main menu of TikTok, and click on ‘Report a problem’.

Then we will have to choose ‘Account and profile’, ‘Edit profile’ and ‘Other’, to be able to get to the last screen where the option ‘I still have problems’ will appear to specify well what is happening with our TikTok account. We have to warn you that the process by this way is much more tedious and not always fruitful, so the fastest alternative is through Twitter (in English). In these cases, the fastest solution would be to start over with a new account, it is less work, although it may cost a lot to recover all your followers.

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