Buying Cryptocurrencies with PayPal: How to do it, Costs, Commissions and Advantages

Learn about buying cryptocurrencies with PayPal. Currently, cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more successful, with Blockchain wallets always increasing and the advantages of decentralized finance, DeFi, are being discovered. New users are investing every day studying the best strategies to get profits. This remarkable increase is also given by the ease with which in 2021 you buy cryptocurrencies, it takes little time and payment methods are common and already known by all, such as PayPal. So let’s find out how to buy cryptocurrencies with PayPal.

Why buy through PayPal

Among the payment methods authorized for the purchase of cryptocurrencies we find PayPal. The use of PayPal is easy and fast, there is also an app, so you can access your balance at any time wherever you are without having credit cards. PayPal currently has 346 million customers, 26 million merchants and 24 accepted currencies, plus Bitcoin Cash, Ether and Litecoin. It is certainly the most popular digital account in the world and the opening of the account is totally free.

PayPal was also introduced to make it easier for newbies who may be afraid to make purchases and transactions. The use of a familiar and recognized app allows in fact to operate safely. In addition, Paypal uses advanced security protocols (HTTPS and TLS): in this way all personal data used for the various transactions are encrypted offering protection from fraud and scams. In the event that the transaction is not successful Paypal offers the possibility of reimbursement.

Where to Buy Cryptocurrencies with PayPal

In 2020, PayPal introduces the ability to buy and sell cryptocurrencies in America, a year later the UK is also added, so only users in this country can buy directly from the official PayPal website. Just log into your PayPal Cash enabled account and you can buy, sell or pay in cryptocurrencies without using any exchange, the minimum amount is $1. On the site itself you can monitor the trends of the markets.

In Italy, unfortunately, it is not yet possible to buy cryptocurrency directly on PayPal. Instead, you can use PayPal as a payment method (as an alternative to traditional bank transfers or credit card) to buy cryptocurrencies on platforms such as eToro and XTB, now extremely popular for the many services offered for the purchase and management of crypto and their reliability. On these platforms you can deposit Euros via PayPal and then buy the cryptocurrencies you want.


eToro was founded in 2006 with registered office in Cyprus, is a successful online broker with many years of experience and millions of active users every day, which allows you to buy, among other assets, cryptocurrencies. It offers multi-asset services and is listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange. We also find the eToro app, available for Android/iOS devices to keep an eye on prices wherever we are and receive information in real time. 

Buying cryptocurrencies with PayPal on eToro is easy, just follow these steps:

  • register for free on eToro by entering your details
  • deposit money into your account via PayPal (first deposit, minimum $50)
  • search for the cryptocurrency of interest in the search bar
  • choose the amount and buy

For those who want to practice, you can open a demo account from $100,000. eToro is a completely safe and regulated platform with Cysec license and registered with Consob. Among the various functions, we find ProCharts. It is a simple and intuitive function that allows you to view numerous charts on one screen and save layouts. In this way you can overlay and compare the various technical analyses.

Opening an eToro account is free and you are not charged any management fee or ticket, investing in stocks involves no commissions and there are no liquidation fees. eToro does not apply additional commissions for those who use Paypal, for withdrawal with Paypal there is a fixed commission of $5.

Check out all the eToro features on the official website:


XTB is an established online broker on the international scene, constantly evolving and with many functions. It was founded in 2004 and is based in Poland. The platform is Cysec and FCA licensed, so it is safe and regulated. It provides a $100,000 demo account to practice with the platform, or if you are not yet very familiar with using the broker and want to test strategies and study the markets. 

There is no minimum amount required and you can start by depositing any amount, so even those who don’t have a lot of capital can get started. Moreover, it has a policy that protects against negative balance and in this way the investor will not owe the platform more than what he has deposited.

Buying cryptocurrencies with Paypal on XTB is quick and easy:

  • register for free on XTB by entering your details
  • access your account, click on “deposit and withdraw” and deposit money into your account with Paypal (no minimum amount)
  • enter the amount to deposit
  • select the cryptocurrency you want to invest in and buy it

XTB also has an app, downloadable from PlayStore and AppStore, to facilitate the management of functions from the comfort of any location. There are no deposit fees, but for Paypal there is a commission of 2% of the deposited amount. If the amount is higher than 100€ the withdrawal is free.

Check out the XTB features on the official website:

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