This Is How Netflix Wants To Prevent You From Running Out Of Internet Data

Learn how Netflix wants to prevent you from running out of Internet data. Netflix has improved its download tool with this new improvement.

It is very likely that you are already used to take advantage of downloads on Netflix. This feature is really useful for travel, being able to download movies and chapters of series and documentaries to watch when you have no internet connection. The problem is that Netflix users can be short-sighted and get stuck halfway through the download. Well, this is no longer a problem for many of its users.

Netflix has announced the availability of a new feature that significantly improves the option to download content in the application. It consists of being able to start playing the content even if it has not been fully downloaded. Of course this means not having all the content available. However, it will allow us to see what we already have. So we will be able to enjoy some of it.

The idea is to start viewing the content even if the download is paused. We will see how much time has been given to download and, if we reconnect to a good quality WiFi network, the download will resume as well as playback. Of course, if we have no problems using the Internet data connection, we can continue downloading or streaming without problems. Although we will lose the main sense of this download tool: to save data from our Internet tariff.

Who Can Use The New Download Function Of Netflix

That yes, for the moment Netflix has launched this improvement in the download function in a staggered and limited way. It is already available for Netflix users on mobiles and tablets with Android operating system. Basically we just have to set to download the contents that interest us and start playing them whenever we want.

iPhone and iPad users, however, will have to wait a little longer. Netflix ensures that they are going to start testing this feature now with them, so it may still be delayed for several weeks before it lands for everyone.

What’s interesting is that Netflix assures that this is the last improvement to the download feature for now. And it leaves, like any good series, an open ending to expect new tools to help and improve on the Netflix mobile experience when we are on the go or have spotty internet connections. At the moment it gives no hints of what is to come. So we’ll have to stay tuned… For now, however, we can take advantage of the advances so as not to miss out on some of the content even if we are traveling and have not had time to download the entire chapter of our favorite series.

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