How To Change Twitter Security | Guide

The responsibility for protecting our profiles on social networks lies solely with us, so it is useful to know how to change the security on Twitter.

Protecting the user is – or should be one of the maxims – of all social networks, so in this article we will indicate how to change the security on Twitter to try to limit as much as possible the threat that someone can access your profile without your consent. To do this, this platform has introduced some improvements that strengthen security in recent years, but not all users make use of them.

The first recommendation is to enable two-step authentication on Twitter. This involves setting a second access barrier, so that in case someone gets hold of your password, they will need to provide an extra code or password to access your account. To change this, pull down the side menu and go to ‘Settings and privacy’. Then click on ‘Security and account access’ and go to ‘Security’. By choosing ‘Two-factor authentication’ you will be able to choose which other access method to use on your account between a text message, an authentication app or a security key.

The second way to strengthen the security of your account is to add an extra layer of protection to the password recovery process in case you forget your password. With this method, also found in the ‘Security’ section, you will be asked for additional information each time you want to reset your password. This way you can prevent someone from trying to steal your account by changing your password.

How To Make Twitter Let Me See Sensitive Content

The artificial intelligence used by social networks can make it catalog as sensitive content that is not, so it is also useful for the user to find out how to make Twitter let me see sensitive content. If this is your case or you simply want to access content marked for adults without restrictions, this is the process to follow.

When you pull down the side menu on the left in the application, you have to access ‘Settings and privacy’ and then choose the ‘Privacy and security’ option. In that section you will see ‘Content you see’, with which you can configure the content you want to appear in your TL. By activating the tab ‘Show photos and videos that may include sensitive content’, the tweets that the platform detects that have such sensitive content (whether it really is or not), will no longer appear hidden by default and you can read and view them without problems.

How To Make My Twitter Account Private

Many users are considering how to make my account private on Twitter to limit their audience and thus avoid possible problems or misunderstandings in case their content can be misinterpreted. To make a Twitter account private, we will have to access ‘Settings and privacy’, then ‘Privacy and security’ and select the first option, ‘Audience and tags’. By activating the ‘Protect your tweets’ tab, your account will have a padlock that means that only your followers and the people you accept as such will be able to read your content.

How To Change Twitter Settings

The default settings of applications are almost never to the users’ liking, and finding out how to change Twitter settings is one of the tasks we should all do when we take our first steps not only in this social network, but in all of them.

To do this, pull down the side menu of the application and access ‘Settings and privacy’. There you will find several options to set Twitter to your liking and have greater control of the application. In addition, Twitter Blue, a premium Twitter subscription that will provide new configuration options, is expected to arrive in Spain in the future, but for the moment, unless you have a VPN and are willing to pay three dollars a month, you can make do with the options available in the current application.