How to reset a PS4 controller | Step by Step Guide

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Does your PS4 controller no longer seem to respond perfectly to commands? Does it struggle to respond every time you press a button? Before you send it back to the factory, try resetting it to factory defaults. Gamepads like those designed for Sony’s PS4 can go out of adjustment over time. Joysticks become temperamental and … Read more

5 Tips To Help You Master Digital Photography

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Some tips to help you master digital photography. Have you already mastered the art of taking photos without ‘red-eye’ syndrome? Are there some pictures that you know you should have turned out a lot better than they did? It happens to all of us – even the expert photographers. Here are five tips to help … Read more

5 Tips For Shooting Winter Landscapes.

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Some of us, regardless how harsh the weather gets, will brave the tough elements in search of the crisp winter light. Planning well in advance will help make your trip more enjoyable. Here are some tips for shooting winter landscapes. Winter brings out the toughest elements in our climate, with many people putting away their … Read more

4 Great Camera Tips for Exciting Digital Photos!!

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Check out 4 new exciting digital photos techniques to create better looking and memorable photos !! Just bought a new camera ?? And very excited to start taking photos with your new gadget?? But Alas, why does the picture not look as good as you wanted to !! Fret no more, stay tuned below for … Read more