How to configure privacy settings within your PS5? – Customize your security

The PlayStation 5 or PS5 is a next-generation console from Sony launched in 2020. Since then and up to date, it is one of the most popular due to its power and the great capabilities it possesses, so if you are a recognized video game console lover. 

In case you need help configuring some of its details, such as its privacy, in Learn How To we bring you this article so you can find out how to customize its security.

What are the disadvantages of changing the settings you have on your PS5?

Changing the settings you have on your PS5 can give you many advantages, such as adapting it better to your preferences. However, this also has its counterpart and, sometimes, it is very likely that making new configurations to the console, brings some inconveniences, such as:

You may not receive invitations

If you change the initial configuration of your PS5, you may not receive the invitations that your friends send you when they want you to join their games.

Problems when setting the online status on your console

A new configuration may also prevent your console from staying online to fix errors in connecting to internet networks.

How can you customize privacy on a PS5 by editing the settings?

If after knowing the difficulties that a configuration change in your PlayStation 5 profile can represent to you, you still want to proceed with this process, here we will guide you step by step until you know how to do it.

  • The first step is to go to the PS5 home menu and enter the settings. This is located at the top right of the screen, represented with a gear icon and located next to the image that occupies the profile of each user.
  • Once in the settings, you must click on Users and accounts, and then on Privacy. A list of privacy settings options will now appear on the screen. And since you are looking to change it, click on View and customize your privacy settings.
  • There you will also come across multiple options, which will allow you to edit much of the settings within your PS5.
  • If you want to change items such as who can see you as a friend suggestion or in your friends’ lists, edit who can see you during games or find you in search results, press the Your real name and profile picture option.
  • On the other hand, if you want to configure who is allowed to see your account data, such as your friends list, first and last names, profile picture, the user with which you identify yourself online, among other aspects, go to Your Information.
  • To decide who can interact with you and ask to be your friend, go to the Communication and Multiplayer option. Through it, you will also be able to see the players you keep blocked and unblock them if you want to. Finally, if you want to edit who sees you online or has access to information about your games, go to the Your Company option.

How can you adjust privacy from your PlayStation 5 profile?

You can also access the PS5 privacy settings using the profile templates created by Sony to offer different options to its users.

Since the templates are made based on different preferences and with different features, it may happen that none of the ones you find in the list of options seem ideal for you. In that case you will have to edit section by section as explained recently.

However, it may also happen that one of the templates is more than perfect for you, so exploring this option is never a bad idea.

How can you change your PS5 privacy settings from a web browser?

Some people use PlayStation Network account instead of PS5 or some other version of the console. However, this does not change much the possibility to configure the privacy of a profile.

To do this, you must first go to Account Management from the web browser where you use PSN, making sure it is connected to the internet.

There you will find the PSN Privacy Settings, with the different functions you can configure. Whether you want to change the privacy of the games, your personal information or connectivity, you must select the option of your preference. Then go to edit, where you can make the same settings as you do on the PS5.

When you are done editing your privacy and you are done with the settings you think are relevant, just click on Confirm and everything will be ready.