How to print from iPhone or iPad | Guide

Since the very first versions of iOS, Apple included among the iPhone or iPad features, the ability to print any type of document using the “AirPrint” option, which is still accessible on many printers on the market today. However, many other products that don’t have this certificate can also be used for the same purpose. … Read more

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Set a song as iPhone alarm clock ringtone in 2024

The alarm clock plays a vital role in people’s day, especially if you care about your productivity. With the advent of smartphones, then, using an alarm clock has become an even easier and … smart! In fact, by setting an alarm clock on your smartphone, you can also change several useful parameters, including the ringtone. … Read more

How to stop iPhone screen from turning off

Do you need to keep your iPhone screen always on for a certain amount of time, but after a certain number of seconds, the display automatically goes to standby and you don’t know how to cope with it? I’d say then that you’ve landed on the right tutorial, at the right time. With today’s guide, … Read more

Install iOS 15 Beta on iPhone without developer profile

Apple has recently announced the latest version of its operating system dedicated to its smartphones, namely iOS 15. Although the full update will be available in the fall, it is already possible to download and install a Beta of the new operating system, to test the latest innovations introduced. However, is it worth installing iOS … Read more

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