How to change GPS location on iPhone

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Having reached a fairly high level of customization on iOS by now, even iPhone can be manipulated, within certain limits, according to the user’s preferences. However, there is one option that is currently quite difficult to change. We’re talking about the GPS position, which obviously can’t be changed manually, but automatically hooks into the satellite … Read more

How to see uninstalled apps on Android, iPhone, and iPad

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Ever since the cloud became an integral part of desktop and mobile operating systems – with all uninstalled apps, all information regarding actions performed on devices are somehow stored, so you can get them back in case you need them. Specifically, today we’ll find out how to see uninstall apps on Android, iPhone, and iPad. … Read more

How to block apps on Android | Step by Step Guide

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The smartphone has become an increasingly integral part of our lives. The concept of the phone has evolved dramatically over the years. From a simple device for talking to a distant friend or relative, it has now become a camera, a navigator, and even our default payment method. If on the one hand, doing all … Read more

How to remove automatic capitalization on Android | Guide

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Android software keyboard auto-correction can definitely be very convenient, especially during the most intense writing phases. However, it could also often be so intrusive that it annoys the user. For this reason, today we’re going to focus precisely on its deactivation, mainly taking into account the capital letter at the beginning of the word. We’ll … Read more

Samsung does not turn on or does not work: how to solve

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Has your Samsung smartphone or tablet stopped working? Let’s see how to fix any startup issues. Samsung smartphones and tablets are still the most desired and popular technological devices, thanks to the combination of design and technical features often innovative (at least on phones sold at the high end of the market). Like all technological … Read more

What to do if the hotspot does not work on Android [Guide]

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For many people it is normal to use the smartphone hotspot as a router, so you can surf using the phone’s connection and without the need for cables in between. The hotspot in fact makes available the data connection of the smartphone with other devices through a wireless connection, thus transforming the phone into a … Read more