Tips to care for your PlayStation controller battery

It is as important to keep our console in good condition, as to do the same with the controller that we use to play, that is why we want to show some tricks, tips, and keys that will allow you to take care of the PlayStation controller battery, one of the sections that suffer the most. With repeated charging and discharging it is impossible that something does not lose capacity, but we can greatly improve its autonomy with these recommendations.

If you have ever had to change your controller due to a battery problem, you will have seen that it is more important than we think. After all, technology needs some care that often comes in the instructions, although we do not always give it the importance it deserves, and that can lead us to have to buy a new remote control.

How to take care of the battery of a PlayStation controller

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To keep our PlayStation controller in the best possible condition we have to take several things into account, such as cleaning it or keeping it protected so that a bad fall or a blow can kill it. But the battery is not a minor aspect.

Although we should not be obsessed with taking care of the battery of the controller, because after all, it is a product made to enjoy, we must follow the keys that we are going to show you and with it, you will be saving money after a few months of use.

Do not use the controller while you are charging it

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As much in PlayStation controller as in other technological products, one of the main performances is based on not using it while we are charging it. This causes the battery that it is receiving to be consumed and can create fluctuations in the battery that can have a fatal end.

It is better to charge the controller after playing our games, even if the controller stays charging longer than needed, but we should never use it while charging it. This is one of the keys to avoid breaking the battery of PlayStation controllers that we must keep in mind in all generations.

Never let the controller turn off without a battery

Another of the biggest risks that the controller and its battery face is draining. When we let it run out we are causing it to run the battery completely empty.

Something that is very dangerous since on certain occasions the controller may not be able to recover its maximum capacity and this will gradually make the battery last less and less, having a serious problem over time.

Use the original charger and/or cable

Although the PS4 and PS5 controller includes a MicroUSB or Type C input that allows us to charge it with the cable of the mobile or other electronic products, whenever we can we have to rely solely on the original cable that comes with our controller and do it through the PlayStation.

Not all chargers are reliable and the same goes for cables, and we may encounter a model with a higher amperage that could cause damage to the controller. In case of having to resort to a mobile charger, it will be better that it does not include a fast charge to avoid possible problems.

Not going to use the controller? Leave it stored with a battery

Continuing with the advice so that the battery of control does not spoil, it is also indispensable that we do not leave a control without battery or with the minimum load for a long time without using it.

Being without a battery for a long time could be an even worse mistake than letting it run out of battery since it needs a relative activity not to break down. If we know in advance that we will not use it for some time, it is advisable to leave it fully charged. This way, when we want to use it, we will not have any surprises.

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