How to watch Netflix with friends from far away?

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If you’re missing the crowds, watching a movie on Netflix, even from a distance, is a pretty cool experience. In this article, we show you how you can do it from your PC or cell phone. Check it out! Due to the pandemic scenario in which we are currently living, getting together to watch a … Read more

How to unblock PSN accounts | Step by Step Guide

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When you turned on your PlayStation, did you notice a message popping up indicating that your PSN account has been temporarily or permanently suspended due to violations of the service’s policies? Well, I’m sorry to tell you this, but in all likelihood, your PSN account has been banned by Sony. Typically, this happens when you … Read more

How To Know The Date Of A Web Page? Every ways Explained

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A Web page is a source of information where content published on the Internet is placed, its creation date says a lot about its identity, even more, if it is well-positioned. However, the date when a page was started is not always known, so there are concerns about this detail and surely you have wondered … Read more

How to make Netflix sing happy birthday to you, it’s easy!

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It is a fact that Netflix is the most used on-demand content platform. And is that, while it is true that sometimes gives problems, such as the Netflix error 118, in general terms this service of streaming movies and series is great. Its main weapons? A very simple and intuitive user interface, as well as … Read more

How To See Houses And Buildings In 3D On Google Maps

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Find out how to see houses and buildings in 3D on Google Maps. Do not miss the details of Google Maps that allow you to see any point in 3D. One of the most interesting tools of Google Maps is the one that has to do with visualization. In addition to being able to see … Read more