How to share your location on google maps | Guide

Find out how to share your location on Google Maps by following these simple steps.

Google Maps is one of the best applications to locate us in a city, to know where we parked the car … or to locate us. In this article, we will detail how to share your location on Google Maps to let your contacts know where you are in real-time so they can find you in a much faster way and without confusion.

Before sharing your location, make sure you have this option activated on your cell phone so that Google Maps can locate you on the map. Once this step has been taken, open the application and click on the icon with your Google profile picture. In the menu that will appear, select ‘Share location’.

If you are using this tool for the first time, you will see a new screen where you will have to confirm if you want to share it and a link below detailing the information to be shared. When pressed, we will be able to choose the time period in which we want to be located in real-time on the map, and the most recent contacts with whom we have interacted, as well as other applications (WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) in which we can send the link with our location in real-time.

There are some cases where location sharing is not possible. In some regions, this option is not yet available (in Spain it can be used). In our Google Workspace domain, we will not be able to share it either. Children under the age of 14 cannot let us know where they are unless their parents or guardians manage this option through the Family Link application. In this link, you can check the minimum age limits by country.

How to know my current location on Google maps

It is quite common when visiting a city other than our own that we are not clear where we are at all times, so it is advisable to know how to know my current location on Google Maps.

Again, it is important to have activated the location of our phone so that when we open the application we can know where we are. Once open, we just have to press the icon with a peephole that appears on the right side of the screen and our current location will appear with a blue dot. The margin of error is very narrow, making Google Maps an increasingly efficient tool for orientation.

If this does not work, check that your internet connection is working properly, both through mobile data and wifi, if this is the case.

How to share google maps locations

It is not always necessary to send our location, because even if we are waiting for someone, it is possible that we move a street or two and it can lead to misplacements. It may be more advisable to find out how to share places on Google Maps to send a fixed meeting point to avoid confusion and misunderstandings.

To share a place by Google Maps, we just have to press on the name of the place when it appears on the map. A window will open at the bottom with more information about the place in question. We click on that information and on the next screen we will find the button ‘Share site’.

By clicking on it, the most recent contacts and the applications we use the most will appear, so we can easily and intuitively share it with whomever we want. This feature is available for all Android and iOS users who have installed the Google Maps application.