How To See Houses And Buildings In 3D On Google Maps

Find out how to see houses and buildings in 3D on Google Maps. Do not miss the details of Google Maps that allow you to see any point in 3D.

One of the most interesting tools of Google Maps is the one that has to do with visualization. In addition to being able to see the maps in relief or satellite, today we tell you how to see on Google Maps the houses and buildings in 3D so you can visualize all the constructions.

Google Maps is one of the most interesting Google apps for all the features it offers, especially when it comes to organizing travel between two points. But it is also one of the most used platforms for the visualization of any point of the global geography because the tool is very easy to use.

In 2005 Google launched Maps and over time it has been updated with new features, making it an app that provides a lot of information to users. In Google Maps you can, for example, know the meters at which a place is located with respect to sea level and you can also find the best restaurants in cities like Madrid, Seville or Benidorm.

One of the most important features of Google Maps are its different map display modes. Depending on your interests, the app is able to show you the influx of people, the fires that are at that moment or you can also see the buildings in three dimensions that are in a particular location. Today we show you how to see houses and buildings in 3D on Google Maps.

Configuring this view is quite simple, to know how to see houses and buildings in 3D on Google Maps follow the steps that we explain below:

  • Open Google Maps and in the top search box enter the address of the house or building. Click on “search”.
  • When you have the location click on the circular icon with a diamond in the upper right corner of the map.
  • Then in the “map details” section click on 3D. You will see the houses and buildings on the map.

How To See The Aerial View On Google Maps

Besides knowing how to see houses and buildings in 3D on Google Maps, it is interesting to learn how to see the aerial view on Google Maps. This view will give you the option to see the maps in a general way and with different details.

To learn how to see the aerial view in Google Maps you just have to open the application and then search for the location you want to see in aerial mode. When you have it, press the circular icon in the shape of a rotated square on the right side of the map. You will then be able to see the different aerial views that are available from standard to relief. All of them will show the maps “bird’s eye view”.

How To Activate The Satellite View In Google Maps

Another of the most interesting views in Google Maps is the satellite view. Here’s how to activate the satellite view in Google Maps to see an area in detail.

To activate the satellite view, open Google Maps and in the top search box type the area you want to see. Then click on “search”. Then click on the icon in the shape of a rotated square that appears inside the map and in the “map type” section choose “satellite”. The satellite view is very interesting to see, for example, details about orography such as vegetation, urban centers, etc.

As you have seen in this post, Google Maps allows several methods of viewing the maps, which we can access by activating and deactivating layers always with the same button and where we can add and remove different details that Google Maps provides us through a series of buttons.

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