How to watch Netflix with friends from far away?

If you’re missing the crowds, watching a movie on Netflix, even from a distance, is a pretty cool experience. In this article, we show you how you can do it from your PC or cell phone. Check it out!

Due to the pandemic scenario in which we are currently living, getting together to watch a movie is not that simple anymore. Those who used to follow a movie release or that new episode of their favorite series with friends or family have found themselves stuck in a boring system of having to watch everything alone.

If you are going through this situation, we have a solution. The procedure is already well known on the Internet, but it is still useful. The tips we have are for watching Netflix with your friends at a distance from your computer using the Netflix Party extension for Google Chrome, or on your cell phone using the Rave app.

The tip is so precious since even at a distance, it is possible to simulate that home movie session with the guys, even interacting with your friends during the broadcast. Want to know how? Then check out this tip!

How to watch Netflix with friends over a distance on your computer

Although Netflix has been in our lives for many years, the platform has no official tool that allows watching movies and series with distant friends. Therefore, the only way to do this on the computer is using the Telepartia extension that is available only and exclusively for Google Chrome (Microsoft Edge even has a similar extension, but we couldn’t make it work).

This plugin needs to be installed by all your friends, and its operation basically allows you to sync Netflix remotely with the guys, even inserting a group chat session to interact during the session. Here’s how to set it up!

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  1. Install the Netflix Teleparty extension in Google Chrome;
  2. Log in to Netflix’s website through Chrome, log in with your account and open a movie;
  3. To start syncing with your friends, open the Netflix Party extension by tapping TP and then tapping Create;
  4. Click the button next to the address bar to start streaming;
  5. When creating a Party, you can choose whether everyone can control the video or just you, in this case, the host;
  6. Copy and send the URL of your Party to your friends.

Your friend will receive the link and open it, and then click on the Netflix Party icon. Note that all your friends must have a paid Netflix account.

How to watch Netflix with friends remotely on your cell phone

In the case of mobile, you can use the Rave app, available for Android and iOS. As with the Chrome extension, all your friends and guests need to have the app installed on their cell phone to work properly and of course, have a paid Netflix account.

  1. install the Rave app on your phone;
  2. Sign in with Gmail or Facebook;
  3. Click + to start a Rave;
  4. Choose which streaming service you will use (in this case Netflix);
  5. You will need to enter your Netflix login and password;
  6. Select the profile of the person you are watching, just like on the official Netflix app and website;
  7. Choose and open a video to watch with your friends;
  8. Pause the video to be able to add your friends by sending the link through WhatsApp, Email, Messenger, and so on.

You can edit the privacy, making the room visible to anyone or restricted to only those who have been invited. Now just enjoy!

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