How many profiles can connect to Disney Plus with the same account?

Find out how many profiles can connect to Disney Plus with the same account. If you are a subscriber and have downloaded Disney Plus, surely you want to share your account with a family friend, here we will tell you how many profiles can connect to your account, we will solve all your doubts.

What happens to the configuration and history when several users connect to Disney Plus?

Disney Plus, like many other streaming platforms, allows its users to share their account, giving each of them their own profile. With such profiles, everyone will be able to customize their viewing options, meaning that one person having a profile will not affect anyone else’s experience.

Everyone who will log into your account can have a different profile where they can save their own playlists and favorites, or manage their downloads, subtitles and language.

You can create two types of user profiles. On the one hand, there are the normal ones, but there is also the possibility to create profiles intended for the youngest members of the household, i.e. children’s profiles. This type of profile means that all content that is not suitable for children is automatically restricted, so you don’t have to worry about inadvertently placing content that is too violent or too dark.

How many users can connect to the same Disney Plus account?

If you are wondering how many users can connect to the same account, here in see how to do it as we mentioned at the beginning we will solve all your doubts.

You can only have 7 profiles in one account

You can only have 7 profiles in a Disney Plus account, that is to say seven user profiles for each account and you pay the same monthly membership fee.

Once you decide who you want to share with and how many people, you only have to create the profiles you want in your Disney+ account so that each one has its own list of movies or series. As we mentioned in the previous part, you can also opt for children’s profiles if there are children in your home.

You can only play content on four devices simultaneously

If you decided to share your personal account with a friend or family member, it is very important for them to know that only four simultaneous streams are allowed per account. This means that if you share an account, you can only watch Disney+ content on four screens at the same time.

The four screens, depends on each individual user, as one may use the screen and another may use none. The problem with this limit is that if you share your personal account with all seven people it will be a problem if everyone starts watching a movie or series at the same time. If you plan to share accounts, keep this in mind when organizing everything.

As we already know in Disney Plus as in Netflix you can download content either movie or series to watch offline at any time. As for the limitation of this possibility, you can download content on up to 10 devices at most, no matter which profile they belong to. Once you reach the maximum limit, you will have to delete the download from one device before downloading it to the other.

Finally, the Disney Plus platform currently says nothing in its terms of use about whether you can share your account with people who do not live with you. It simply tells us that to view the content you must be in the country where you have the contract or in any other state that is a member of the European Union.

What to do if you cannot connect more users to a Disney Plus account?

As we already mentioned, the maximum number of users you can connect to your personal Disney Plus account is 7 people. However, if you are trying to register a profile, and you have not exceeded the limit, but you still cannot connect it, this may be due to a small error in the platform.

Then we recommend you to verify that the internet connection you have is good and stable, also make sure that the application where you want to create new profiles is updated. If you still cannot connect more users to your personal Disney Plus account, the best thing you can do is to contact the Disney Plus help center so they can solve your problem.