The Amazon prime video Tips you need to know in 2024

The Amazon prime video Tips you need to know

We answer all your questions about Amazon Prime Video.

Amazon Prime Video is currently one of the most popular video-on-demand services. Finally, the American company’s strategy of integrating it into its Prime subscription has worked. It has also contributed to this fact the investment in creating its own content, resulting in some really interesting titles. Whether you’ve just landed on Amazon’s service or you’ve been using it for a while, here are some tips to help you get the most out of it.


In order to present you with the best tips for Amazon Prime Video, we’ve categorized them into nine frequently asked questions.

How to share Amazon prime video

When it comes to sharing Amazon Prime Video, the best way is to add profiles. Remember that you will need to share your credentials with the rest of the users so that they can access their profile. Therefore, it is important that you only do this with people you trust. This is usually a good option for friends and family to use Amazon Prime Video.

  • From the website itself, click on your name or avatar.
  • From the drop-down menu, select Add profile.
  • Enter the profile name, change the icon, and indicate if it is a child profile. When you are done, use the Save changes button.

From now on, each user can use an individual account to add their series and movies to the list and have their own viewing history.

How to remove a series or movie from watch

It’s annoying when the Watch Now list becomes cluttered with series or movies that you started watching and don’t want to finish. If you visit the Amazon Prime Video website, you have an Edit button. With it, all or some of the items in the Watch List can be deleted. When you delete them from your computer or cell phone, they will disappear from the rest of your devices.

How to delete amazon prime video history

Following on from the above, you can also clear the viewing history. How to do it?

  • Go to the settings by clicking Account & Settings in the main menu.
  • Open the Viewing History tab.
  • Select the Delete episodes from the viewing history option. In case it is a movie, click Remove movie from viewing history.
  • When you confirm, the episodes or the movie you watched will no longer be available in your history. In case the content was left halfway through, the playback marker will be restored.

How to disable autoplay in Amazon prime video

Autoplay is an option that starts the next available video when you finish watching content. In the case of series, it has certain usefulness, since it plays the next episode without the user having to do anything. However, when it comes to a movie, it can become an annoying feature. Fortunately, you can disable it very simply:

  • In the settings section of Amazon Prime Video, access Player.
  • Select the Off checkbox.
  • From now on, when an episode or movie ends, the app will not start playing the next content automatically.

How to create a watchlist in amazon prime video

The Watchlist allows you to store episodes, seasons, or movies for quick access later. Creating your own list is very easy. Simply use the plus (+) button to add an item. Then, in the Your space section, view all the items you have added. It is interesting that the service allows you to discriminate between series and movies.

How to return a purchase on amazon prime video

Amazon Prime Video has its own store with which you can buy and rent content. Its operation is very similar to that of other more veteran platforms, such as Google Play Movies or Apple iTunes. However, it is not uncommon that at some point you make a purchase by mistake. Is it possible to make a refund? Yes, with some conditions.

The purchase must have been made within the previous 14 days. If you exceed that period, it is not possible to ask for a refund. Outside Europe, the limit is 48 hours.

You must not have started playing the content or downloaded it to a mobile device. If this is the case, the digital content is considered to belong to you and the right to a refund is lost.

If you meet these requirements, go to the My Orders section of Amazon to initiate the return. If it does not appear there, contact the company by phone so that an operator can make the return. The refund is made to the same payment method you have registered. It is not possible to request a credit to your Amazon account balance.

How to use an x-ray to get the most out of the platform

X-Ray is a contextual information service that Amazon makes available to its users. You should know that it is dynamic, that is, it modifies its content depending on what you see on the screen. If a song is used as background in a scene, an X-Ray will tell you which one it is. If several actors appear, an X-Ray will show their biography. To use it, swipe up on mobile devices, click X-Ray on a computer, or press the top button on the Fire TV during playback.

How to change the look of subtitles on all your devices

In the Amazon Prime Video settings, you can change the appearance of the subtitles. This setting, which must be made from the web, applies to all devices. Go to the Captions tab and select the option that best suits your needs. You can fully customize each default setting.

How to enable parental controls in amazon prime video to make them safer

By accessing the settings on the web, in the Parental Controls tab, it is possible to add a code to prevent the playback of inappropriate content. This code must be used on any device that is logged in with your account. You can also add codes to prevent access to or purchase of movies and series.

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