How to create a contact group in Gmail | Step by Step Guide

Do you have a group of people with whom you share specific information? Learning how to create a contact group in Gmail can be useful for you.

If you have a work or study group with whom you often share information, learning how to create a contact group in Gmail can be quite useful. This way, when you are going to send an email to everyone at the same time, you won’t need to add their addresses one by one, but the process will be much simpler. And organizing your contacts into a group is far from complicated. All you have to do is follow the steps below to create your own groups:

  • On your Android phone, open the Contacts app.
  • At the top left, press the button with three lines to access the menu
  • Choose Create label
  • Assign a name to the label and tap Create
  • Tap Add contact and select the contacts you want to add to the group
  • Tap Add

Note that if any of your contacts have multiple email addresses, only the default one will be added to the group. Therefore, in case you need to send emails to two email addresses of the same person, it is recommended that you have them saved as different contacts.

How to create a Mailing list in Gmail

To learn how to create a mailing list in Gmail, all you have to do is create a group as described in the previous section. Once you have done all the steps, you will be able to send an email directly to all the people in that group, so communicating with them will be much easier.

To send an email to your list, you will only have to enter the Gmail application and press the button to start writing a new email. Once you have done so, in the space where you have to add the recipient of your message, type the name of a group. In this way, the email message you have written will be sent equally to all the contacts you have on that list. Something that is immensely more convenient than adding all the addresses one by one. This function is especially recommended if you are going to send messages to a large number of people.

How to send a group of contacts via Gmail

Many times we need to send our contacts to other people so that they can get in touch with them. And so you may be wondering how to send a group of contacts through Gmail. The steps you need to follow are as follows:

  • Open the Contacts application
  • Click on the icon with three lines to access the Menu
  • Go to Settings
  • Go to Import/Export
  • Click on Share Contacts
  • Choose the contacts or groups you want to share
  • Click on Share
  • Choose Gmail to send them by email

Following these same steps, you will not only be able to share your contacts via Gmail but also via any other application such as WhatsApp or Telegram. In the end, what is intended is that you can pass your contacts to another person in a simple way. Something that is especially practical in professional environments, where several people must access the same lists.