How to Delete a message sent by mistake in Gmail

How to delete a message in Gmail if you have sent a message by mistake

Communication via email is nowadays an essential tool to deal with any personal or business matter. One of the biggest email managers is Gmail belonging to the Google company. With Gmail, we can send and receive emails from our mobile easily and quickly. If you are one of those who use this application, surely at some point you have been in the situation of having sent an email without wanting to do so. Therefore we tell you how to delete a message sent by mistake in Gmail effectively before it reaches its recipient.

If you are a Gmail user, you will be interested to know that the application on your mobile device allows you to “stop” and cancel the sending of an email when you have made this action by mistake. This situation, although it may seem strange, is very common since you can include email addresses of contacts by mistake almost without realizing it, for example, two addresses are similar.

To solve this situation, by default Gmail has established a default time of 5 seconds so that the user can backtrack and cancel the sending of a message.

To delete a message by mistake in Gmail on your cell phone once the message has been sent, click on the “undo” button. If you press it Gmail goes back and puts you back to the email you had sent, there you can change the email addresses and delete those to which you did not want to send the message. Once you know the tool can be very useful and so you will not have to, after sending an email by mistake, have to send another one apologizing for the mistake you have made.

How to Delete an Email sent days ago

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If you are one of those who send many emails from your cell phone normally and do not want to saturate the storage space you have in your Gmail account or do not want to see emails that you sent some time ago, it may be interesting to know how to delete an email or several emails sent days ago.

To do this you just have to open the Gmail application on your smartphone and click on the three little lines you have on the top left of the interface. Then click on the “sent” tab. Press and hold on to the message you want to delete, you can select one or more and then click on the trash can icon. The messages will be deleted quickly.

Undo sending in Gmail

The undo send option in Gmail allows us to stop sending a message within five seconds after pressing the send button. As we have told you before, this message reverses the action and shows you the message again. You can then edit it again and change both the content and if you want, the recipients of the email.

If you think that five seconds is too little time to undo and delete a message by mistake, you can extend this time to 30 seconds. To do this you must log in to your Gmail account from a web browser. Then click on the configuration cogwheel and in the “General” tab look for “undo sending” and set the time you want between a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 30 seconds.

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