How to convert Gmail Email to pdf | Easy Method 2024

We tell you how to save a copy of Gmail emails in pdf format.

Gmail is one of the most popular email services provided by Google company. Gmail has a simple mobile app where you can send and receive messages efficiently. Among the emails, we receive we may receive some that we need to save in pdf format so we will be interested to know how to convert a Gmail email to PDF.

Communication by email is nowadays a normal thing to deal with any kind of matter, whether personal or work-related. Gmail not only makes it possible to write and send emails from a mobile application or from the computer but also to organize them by labels or archive them according to their importance.

Of the emails we receive, not all have the same level of importance, and not all need to be managed in the same way. Some will be responses to issues of lesser interest, but others will be of vital importance and we will need to save and preserve them.

A good way to keep them and use them for future management is to convert Gmail emails to PDF format. PDF stands for “Portable Document Format”. PDF is a common format for viewing documents electronically regardless of the software.

Knowing how to convert Gmail email to pdf will give us the ability to be able to store all important messages or a backup copy of them in this format. We can then view them on any mobile device or computer.

There are several ways to convert a Gmail email to pdf, but all of them are currently only available from the web browser, you can not yet do this operation from the Gmail mobile application.

A simple way to convert an email to pdf is to open the Gmail account from the computer’s web browser. Then you must enter the email you want to convert and click on the printer icon located at the top right of the screen.

A new window will open where you will see the email in the form of an electronic document. There you must drop down the list of printers that appear and choose the option “save as pdf“. Then click on “save“. A window will open for you to choose the location on your computer where to save the file. Then you have it stored as a pdf.

Another option to convert Gmail emails to pdf is to install an extension in the Chrome browser. To enable this extension you must go to the Chrome extensions website and click on the “add to Chrome” button.  Once you have it added you will see a new icon appear in your Gmail inbox in the form of a down arrow. If you click on it you will be able to save the message as a pdf.

How to download an Email in Gmail

If you are interested in downloading messages from Gmail without converting them to any other format, you can do this action only from your computer. This will not take you much time.

To download an email in Gmail you will have to log in to your email account from your computer. Once the inbox appears with all the messages you should click on the one you want to download.

When you are inside the email message click on the three dots that appear on the right side of the screen just below the printer icon. A menu will appear with several options from which you must choose “download the message“. When you click on it, the file will appear in email format and you will be able to save it on your computer and open it when you need it.


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