How to create a contact group in Gmail

Find out how to create contact groups and send an email to several recipients at once.

Gmail has been in operation for fifteen years and has become one of the most powerful email managers due to the enormous functions it possesses and which are useful for the daily work of millions of users. Google’s email service has basic tools that help simplify multiple tasks. If you are one of those who use this manager and want to organize your contacts within the application, you should know how to create a contact group in Gmail.  

Contact groups are used to group email addresses under the same name. This way we can send the same email to several recipients, something that is very useful if for work, personal, or any other reason we usually send the same email to people in an organization or any other common area.

To create a group of contacts in Gmail if you have a mobile with Android you must open Gmail and click on the three little lines at the top left. A menu will open in which you must go to “Google applications” and click on “Contacts“.  This will open the Gmail “Contacts” app that you already have on your device.

Now in the menu on the left click on “Create a label“. Give it the name you want, it will be the one that identifies the group of contacts. Now click on the created label and click on “add contact“. Choose the contacts you want to include.  

To send an email to a group of contacts, you only have to enter the group’s label from the contacts application and click on the three dots that appear on the top right. Now choose “Send email”.

How to create a mailing list in Gmail

Mailing lists are groups of email recipients. Emails sent to a mailing list automatically reach all members. In Gmail, they are created just like contact groups because they are really the same thing. When a label is created it includes all contacts.

The mailing lists or recipient groups allow you to save time in the task because it allows you to send an email to all the members attached to the list, thus avoiding doing it manually to each of them.

How to share a contact list in Gmail

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To share a contact list in Gmail you must be a service administrator or super administrator, only then you will be able to access the Google administration console and allow a Gmail account to share a contact list.

Administrator accounts have privileges to manage the services of other users in an organization. The administration console where these types of changes can be made is only available when logged in with an administrator account. If you cannot access such an account, you will need to ask Google for assistance in changing this role.

How to create contact labels in Gmail

Remember that as we mentioned before, contact labels in Gmail define groups of contacts. To create them you must open the Gmail Contacts app on your Android mobile or computer. They are not available for mobiles with an iOS operating system.

Once you have opened the contacts application either on the phone or on the computer you must choose in the left menu on “create label“. You must give it the name that identifies it. Then in the list of contacts that appear on the PC, select the contact’s checkbox and click on “manage tags“. Choose the name of the label and the contact will be added to that group.

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