How to send WhatsApp audio by Gmail mail? – Complete tutorial

With WhatsApp on Android you can send and receive audios in the chat, these are stored in the folder of the application, when you locate them you can share them with almost any App you have on your mobile, including Gmail, of course you can also search for WhatsApp audios on iPhone and perform the same procedure.

It also applies to WhatsApp Web. That is to say that on your computer you can download the audio you receive, and attach it to a Gmail email, likewise regardless of the device you use you have the options to use applications in order to facilitate the sending of a WhatsApp audio by mail.

How to share a WhatsApp audio via Gmail on Android and iPhone?

There are two ways to share a WhatsApp audio via Gmail, one is the direct method from the chat, and another by locating and sharing the downloaded file. For example if in a chat you receive a link you can share to your email the link you receive in WhatsApp just like with audios or multimedia files. Learn how to do it in the following way:

  • Open your WhatsApp application and then the chat in which you have the audio to share.
  • Press and hold the audio for a few seconds in order to select and bring up the options menu.
  • Choose the ‘Share’ option and the widgets of the applications of your cell phone will appear.
  • Click on the ‘Gmail’ App and your email is automatically prepared for sending.
  • Type the recipient’s email address.
  • Click on ‘Send’ and that’s it.

An important thing to know is that this procedure is valid for cell phones with Android or iPhone operating system. Also with a file manager you can locate the audio in your storage and share it using the same steps as for chat audios.

How to send audio recorded by Gmail with extensions from your PC?

There are two ways to send an audio file recorded on WhatsApp to Gmail, one is by clicking on it in order to download it, done you just compose your mail and attach the audio from the download folder of your PC. The other method is with extensions, the recommended ones for the date are the following:

It is an excellent extension for Google Chrome, in which the user can record an audio and send it, in the same way as in WhatsApp, and the best thing is that this extension is free. You want to try it you can do it in the following way:

  • Open the Chrome Web Store and locate the Nat.App extension.
  • Add it to your browser.
  • Then restart the browser and open the Gmail service.
  • Click Compose to create a new email and you will notice the microphone icon.
  • By pressing and holding it you will be able to record an audio in the same way as in WhatsApp.
  • Send your email with the audios you want and you’re done.

An important fact you should know is that the audios are recorded in mp3 format, and while you record some the microphone icon will change color showing a sequence of seconds, indicating the recording activity, and these are sent as an attachment.

GContacts Opener and Record audio in Gmail

It works in the same way as, that is to say that it is not an application, it is a PopUp type tool that uses the same Gmail panel, the only difference is that when composing a message the icon of a microphone is shown, in order to record and send audios in a direct way. To use this extension you must:

  • Install the ‘Contacts Opener and Record Audio in Gmail‘ extension in your browser.
  • Restart your browser and open Gmail.
  • Click on ‘Compose’ and then on the microphone icon.
  • Confirm your audio and fill in the send fields.
  • Send your Gmail and you are done.
  • A very important thing to know is that many of the Google Chrome extensions are available for other browsers such as Microsoft Edge. You can also access WhatsApp Web from your PC and share the audios used in the chat via Gmail.

What applications work to send a voice recording via Gmail?

There are several applications that allow you to record and send your audios to other applications, of course you can share multimedia files via WhatsApp, but it is up to each user to use the method they want to do so. Among the recommended Apps we can find:

Easy Voice Recorder.

You can find this app in the Play Store, with it you can record in high definition personal voice notes, speeches, classes, events among others. When you make a voice recording, the same App offers the option to share the file, you just have to choose Gmail and that’s it. Of course you must specify the sending data.

The default voice recorder of the cell phone

To date, mid and high range cell phones, even some low range ones, have a tool to record, use the application drawer of your cell phone and type, ‘Recorder’, if none is shown do not worry, you can always find excellent options in the virtual store.

Once you have located the recorder on your cell phone, you can press the record button in order to get your audio file. When you have it you must locate it in your storage, the same App provides the option to locate it. Otherwise use a file manager and go to the ‘Recoder’ folder. From there you can share your audio to Gmail directly.

Similarly, if you have problems sending a WhatsApp audio via Gmail, do not hesitate to consult WhatsApp’s technical support, in order to solve any type of error related to the audios and the sharing function.

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