How to unpause Gmail and reactivate synchronization

See how to reactivate synchronization so you don’t lose any Gmail mail.

Having the Gmail application updated on our mobile is essential to be aware of and manage any type of email. If you see that on your device it has been interrupted we tell you how to unpause Gmail and activate synchronization.

Gmail is Google’s email provider that began operating in 2004. It currently has more than 1.5 billion users worldwide. It is free to have an email account with Gmail.

If you already have a Gmail account and you usually access it both from your computer and from your cell phone, you will see that sometimes the application is not fully synchronized on your cell phone. This happens because synchronization is disabled. Here’s how to solve this problem, learn how to unpause Gmail, and enable synchronization.

The first thing you need to do is open the Gmail app on your Android mobile device and click on the three little lines on the left side of the screen. Then in the list scroll down until you find the “Settings” button and tap on it.

Next, you will see the email account or accounts that you have also linked on the phone. Choose the one you want to synchronize.  Now scroll down to “Data usage” and check the “Sync Gmail” box.

In case you need to synchronize from an iOS device you can only choose the days you want to synchronize mail. To choose these days log in to Gmail and click on the icon with the three dashes. Then click on settings and in “sync settings” choose how many days you want to synchronize the email service.

Why am I pausing Gmail sync?

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If you have already learned how to unpause Gmail and enable sync, but you want to know the reasons for what happens you may be wondering why I get Gmail sync paused. Here are some of the reasons why this happens.

One of the most common causes of paused sync is the loss of internet connection on the mobile device. Whether because the wifi network is down or for some reason you do not have data on the phone if the connection is cut the synchronization will also pause.

Another cause may be the lack of storage on mobile devices. Before performing any action when you see that the synchronization is paused, check the phone settings to see how much memory you have available.

It may also happen that the synchronization is paused because you do not have the latest version of Gmail updated on your phone. To check if you need to update Gmail go to the Play Store and press and hold the icon for a few seconds. Then choose “My Apps” and see if Gmail is pending an update in the list.

How to enable google sync on my android phone

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You already know how to unpause Gmail and activate the synchronization, but if what you want is that all your Google applications are synchronized you may be interested to know how to activate Google sync on your Android mobile.

To do this what we are going to do is to synchronize at the same time all your Google account. On your Android phone go to “Settings” and then click on “Accounts and Sync”> “Google”. You will see all the accounts you have on your phone. Click on the account you want to sync.  Then click on the “More” button with three dots and finally click on “Sync now”.

All Google applications will start synchronizing. When the process is finished you will see under each of them the date and time of the last synchronization.

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