How To Delete Whatsapp Messages Without Leaving A Trace From All Chats

Delete messages from chats automatically and without leaving a trace

WhatsApp and communication via messages is something we use practically all the time. But how to delete WhatsApp messages without leaving a trace of all chats, without the message “deleted message” appearing? We explain how to do it.

Currently WhatsApp still holds the first place when it comes to messaging applications to communicate. This platform is the most used in the world to send and receive messages as it already has more than 2 billion active users worldwide.

Its functions allow you to chat or make video calls with any user individually or in groups, wherever you are. In addition, there are WhatsApp groups where fans, for example, soccer fans, can enjoy the matches through their cell phones.

But back to the messages today we are going to tell you one of its most useful functions, how to delete WhatsApp messages without leaving a trace of all chats. With this function the messages will be deleted, however, no “deleted message” text will appear, but they will be removed as if they had not been written before.

To find out how to delete WhatsApp messages without leaving a trace of all chats we are going to activate a new function of temporary messages. This new feature that is coming to devices that have WhatsApp installed allows messages to be deleted 24 hours, 7 days or 90 days after posting them.

What you should keep in mind is that when you activate it this feature will only apply to messages you write after activating it will never affect existing chats and conversations you had already started.

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To activate this feature follow the steps below.

  • Open WhatsApp and click on the “Settings” icon.
  • Click on “Account” and then “Privacy”.
  • Then click on “Default duration” or “Default message duration”.
  • Finally select a duration.

How To Delete Whatsapp Messages For All After Hours

You already know how to delete WhatsApp messages without leaving a trace of all chats, but if you want to know how to delete WhatsApp messages for everyone after hours we remind you what you need to carry out.

To delete WhatsApp messages for everyone after hours you must have enabled the above function of temporary messages. To do this go into the app and go to “Settings” if you have an iOS device or “Settings” if you have Android.

Then click on “Account” and then “Privacy”. Then under “Default duration” choose the option 24 hours. This way the messages for everyone will disappear when those hours have passed.

Another way to delete WhatsApp messages for everyone is to enter the chat where the message you want to delete is and click on it. Then you must choose the option “Delete for all”. But this does not imply that users have been able to see the message and read it. It simply allows you to delete it for you or for everyone when you want.

How To Clear Whatsapp Chats Automatically

To find out how to clean WhatsApp chats automatically, you just need to have the temporary messages activated. If you want for example, that every week WhatsApp chats are completely clean of messages just go to “Settings”, enter “account” and “Privacy” and then in “Default duration” choose 7 days.

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So every week WhatsApp chats will be cleaned automatically. But remember that it will be carried out on the chats that you have created after activating the function. In the previous ones the conversations will not be deleted, you will have to delete them manually, as you had done so far.

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