What happens on WhatsApp when you are Muted

We tell you what happens when you are muted on WhatsApp

If you’ve heard of the mute function in WhatsApp, but do not know very well what it refers to you may have wondered: what happens in WhatsApp when you are muted? Very attentive because we explain it to you.

WhatsApp is the most popular application when it comes to messaging. In addition to communication through chats or video calls, it also has functions related to user privacy. Among these functions is the ability to mute.

The first thing you should know before knowing what happens in WhatsApp when you are muted is that muting is not the same as blocking. When they block you they do not receive any messages from you.

But then what happens on WhatsApp when you are muted? What happens when someone mutes you is that they don’t receive any kind of notification or alert when they get a message from you. That does not mean that they do not arrive correctly or that you can not read them, the only thing is that your mobile device does not notify you.

What happens when you mute the chat on WhatsApp

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If you are the one who has activated the mute option and want to know what happens when you mute the chat on WhatsApp read on to find out.

We live so fast that on many occasions we do not have time to read all the WhatsApp messages that come to us. Not all the contacts we have nor the groups have the same importance in terms of what is communicated to us. Therefore, for those conversations that are not of vital importance, we can use the option to mute their notifications so that they do not bother us.

When you mute a chat in WhatsApp you simply prevent yourself from receiving any notifications about messages from a contact or group that you have muted. You can mute an individual contact or group for a certain amount of time. WhatsApp gives you the option to mute for 8 hours, 1 week, or 1 year.

Muting a contact or group does not mean that you cannot read their messages. Only that you will be the one who will have to enter the conversation window to see if you have new ones because the device will not notify you.

if you mute someone on WhatsApp can they see my statuses?

Now that you know what happens in WhatsApp when you are muted you may have other questions regarding whether the fact of silencing affects other functions of the application. For example, if you mute someone on WhatsApp can they see my statuses? We answer.

The first thing you should be clear is that one thing is to mute a chat of a contact or a group and another thing are the states. If you mute someone in a WhatsApp conversation, they can see your statuses because they are independent things.

if I mute on WhatsApp can I see if they are online?

Another question you may have regarding the mute option is this: If you mute on WhatsApp can I see if they are online? We explain.

Whether they mute you on WhatsApp or you mute someone does not imply that you can not see if someone is online or if you are. Muting is a privacy option and “last time” is a different privacy option.

Both privacy features are managed independently. That means that if the other person has changed the “last time” setting you may not see them online regardless of whether you have them muted or not.

How to know if I’m muted on WhatsApp statuses

In addition to mute chats of contact, several or a group there is also the option to mute in WhatsApp statuses. But how do I know if I am muted in WhatsApp statuses?

Unfortunately, there is no automatic way to know if you have been muted in WhatsApp statuses. You will not receive any notification, your statuses will simply be hidden from the person who has muted them.

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