What does ‘forwarded many times’ mean in WhatsApp? – Instant messaging

Surely you are one of the many users of WhatsApp, WhatsApp with this instant messaging app that has become something that goes far beyond simple messages with letters. As you know, WhatsApp is one of the most used applications in the world and allows video calls, conferences, share audio, text and video regardless of the distance between the sender and receiver, this being its main attraction.

The diversity of functions in its messaging platform and its excellence, it is considered a social network and because it is one, it is normal that we find viralized messages, for example, send the typical GIFs, certain information that are news in a large population, among others.

The truth is that, it is very likely that you have received a message by this way with the heading ‘Forwarded many times’ which means that this message is viral, ie, many people and WhatsApp groups have already seen this same message, either image, audio or text, it is viralized, but read on to discover the true reason and meaning of this message, if you should give importance or not.

What does ‘forwarded many times’ on WhatsApp really mean?

It is very important for you to know that not everything that glitters is gold, the fact that it is viral does not mean it is true. Many people, engage in creating fake content in order to give a false idea of a recognized situation among the masses and this happens even more when avoiding WhatsApp groups where a large number of people are concentrated.

Therefore, the header “Forwarded many times” is a kind of alert, as an equivalent to “be aware, it is a viral message, but we are not sure it is true”, it will only be purely up to our discretion to consider the credibility of it.

So, the next time we receive a WhatsApp and we see this headline, let’s just analyze in more detail if the source is reliable, how real is the information exposed and compare it with other media, preferably not social networks, but those linked to the argument we want to investigate.

How to know how many times a message you received by WhatsApp was forwarded?

The application does not have a counter in which we can verify the number of times a Whats Whatsapp has been forwarded. While it is true that, in its Information Center, the app mentions a forward counter, it is not accessible to its users.

What we can be sure of is that this content was forwarded more than four times to different people, since, in the Forward function, WhatsApp allows sharing up to 5 different chats with the same message, however, the purpose of this limit is to prevent the spread of hoaxes.

So imagine, the number of times it may have been spread among other users and groups, they forward it to others and those others to others and so on, it is a long chain that is multiplying throughout the WhatsApp community.

When you receive a new message with the statement “Forwarded many times” it is important to take into account that a very large population of people is reading, or has read or will read the same information as you, so it is advisable to ensure the veracity of that information, otherwise we will only be part of the problem.

How to remove the forwarded message many times from WhatsApp to send it?

But not everything is false information, or negative, do not be alarmed. In WhatsApp like any other social network not everything is good, or real but it does not mean that we can not find authentic data, information shared by specialists, or even harmless videos or audios that may have been viralized, perhaps because of its trending topic, but that do not affect anyone.

Such is the case of congratulatory videos, audios with a verse of a popular song, text of prayers or encouraging words; in short, a multitude of content that is worth being viralized.

If you come across this type of harmless messages, you can forward it using the Share option, this will prevent the message from being received with the heading “Forwarded” or “Forwarded many times”. If you don’t know how to do this, follow the steps below:

  • Leave your finger pressed on the message to be forwarded.
  • The options menu will be enabled in the top bar of the screen.
  • Click on the three dots in the upper right corner.
  • Select Share
  • Your device will show you all the applications in which you can forward the message.
  • In this case, select WhatsApp
  • Choose the recipient(s). Keep in mind that you are allowed to share with a maximum of 5 contacts at the same time, in case you need to forward it to more people, follow the same procedure.

The company that today belongs to Meta has become one of the favorite instant messaging applications worldwide, with more than 2000 million users that use the platform to communicate through images, audio, video, text, GIFs, emojis, etcetera.

As we have mentioned before, in this sea of multimedia content we will find very nice data and information, others not so nice and many others that are far from reality.

The suggestion is to enjoy this and any social network in a healthy way, let’s avoid spreading information without knowing the source and its credibility, let’s take advantage of the opportunity to communicate with each other.

The real function of the headers that identify a message as viral, is somehow to curb the amount of false and irresponsible messages that vulnerable people may receive and that may even put their lives at risk. Let’s be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

When we receive a viral message again, we should ask ourselves if it will be important for our recipients to receive it and if this information is really true, if the answer is yes, go ahead and keep sharing all WhatsApp content with your contacts.

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