How to use WhatsApp Business with a landline number – Registration and Setup

Whatsapp Business is a modality specially developed for small businesses. When you register a landline number, your profile will automatically be a business profile and you will have the characteristics of that profile. You will have a space for catalogs, messages for greetings and farewells, and other little things that we will detail throughout the article. 

What are the benefits of using your local number as WhatsApp Business?

WhatsApp Business can be used with a landline number which makes it more practical, as you won’t have to carry two cell phones and you can forget about calls and messaging mix-ups. When you create a WhatsApp Business account with a landline number you can discover even more benefits, we will tell you about them below.

Separation of personal and work life

The phone when it is associated with your business account and is also used as a personal number can become a problem because of the amount of messages that will start to arrive. If you have a landline phone number you will not have to worry about whether a message is private or work-related because you will recognize it immediately. 

Linking to the same number for calls

When offering a contact number to customers you have to avoid driving them crazy with so many numbers or social network addresses. By having a fixed phone number you can be confident that the same number you will use to communicate by messages will be the one used for phone calls with your customers.

You will never miss a call

With this application, calls can be answered at any time during the office hours established by you. By setting aside an explicit landline number for WhatsApp Business you can ensure that any call that comes in to that number will be work-related and you will be aware of not missing it.

Better relationship with your customers and their communication

One of the benefits of associating your landline number to the WhatsApp Business application is that as you will have it practically apart you will be able to prepare yourself psychologically to attend your customers and this will greatly improve the relationship you have with them. Remember that a good physical and personal attention helps your business growth.

What is the procedure to register a landline number in WhatsApp Business?

The process to register a landline number to WhatsApp Business is practically the same as registering a mobile number, however there are some details to keep in mind. In many companies the landline phone is of great importance and because of this making it a more up to date mode of communication for customers will certainly attract their attention.

Download and installation

The first thing is to download the WhatsApp Business app from Google Play if you have an Android device or from the App Store if you have an iPhone. After that, install it on your device; the installation is very easy from the phones, you just need to enter them to start the registration process.

Registration and verification

Now comes the step you need to pay attention to. WhatsApp Business will ask you to add a phone number, here you will have to add the international area code that corresponds to your country, then the code of the line to which your phone belongs and then the phone number.

Then WhatsApp Business will send a message with the verification code, the point is that you will not be able to receive this message, but you don’t have to worry, just wait for the counter that appears on the screen to finish and then press the option that says ‘Call me’. At this point the application will call you to dictate the code, place it in the application and that’s it.

How can you get the most out of your WhatsApp Business account?

Make sure you download and install the latest version of WhatsApp Business so you can really enjoy every single thing it has to offer. In the configuration menu you will find scheduled messages for greetings and goodbyes, option to place Google Maps addresses, catalogs, services, etc. 

Make a correct configuration

The configuration menu of WhatsApp Business is quite extensive thanks to each of the tools offered by the application, so it is good that you take the time to analyze each of them and learn how to use them, this will allow you to develop better online and offer a good experience to customers.

Create a catalog with all your services and products

The catalog option is the best part of the whole WhatsApp Business because customers love to see what you offer and the price of your services, you can place the images you want and even small videos showing your work. You will also have the option to direct your customers directly to your catalog by simply adding yourself to contacts with the QR code.

Update your status regularly

Try not to leave your WhatsApp Business inactive for too long, when an update is made to the application it tends to place the details in the statuses just for you to see, so when you go to update yours you can discover them and find out what other new things you can do. 

Design the format of your messages

This is a good option offered by the famous business account. Go to settings – Prepared messages and start writing a format that you feel comfortable with and that your customers can also understand; leave it on automatic and let the application itself mediate the chat between you and your customer. 

Create your own chat robot

Just for this is that it is necessary to design the format of your messages, when you have already established a mini chat, the robot of your WhatsApp Business will be able to answer the basic messages and you will not have to worry about whether or not to offer more information, unless it is really necessary. Normally customers will only want to know the price of your products. 

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