How To Make Stickers For Whatsapp Without Applications

Find out how to make stickers for Whatsapp without applications. Do you know how to create stickers for WhatsApp without applications? Here we tell you step by step. Without downloading anything.

WhatsApp has finally taken the plunge. And, although it will do some damage to many established applications, the experience of creating stickers is integrated directly into the messaging tool. Here we are going to show you how to make stickers for WhatsApp without applications, using only WhatsApp Web, the web version of the app. You won’t need to download anything or have any knowledge of Photoshop. Everything is integrated into WhatsApp Web for everyone’s convenience.

The key to this process is that you need to use WhatsApp Web, so we will need a computer when creating these stickers for WhatsApp without applications. Now WhatsApp has included an editing tool that transforms any image into a sticker. It is ideal for transforming memes into stickers, cut photos with funny faces of your friends or simply create a sticker or sticker from any image. All for free, easily and without add-ons, applications or extra programs. But you can do it from your computer. At least for the time being.

How To Make Stickers For Whatsapp From Whatsapp Web

The first thing is to log in or log in to WhatsApp Web, if we have not done so before. Just go to the WhatsApp Web web page. Here you will see a QR code that you must scan with your mobile to take your profile or account to the computer and have everything completely synchronized.

So, you will have to access WhatsApp on your mobile, click on the three dots button and drop down the menu. Here you will see a section called Linked Devices. Click to see on which other devices you are logged in or to do it now thanks to the green button that says Link device. When you click on it, the camera will be activated to scan the QR code and bring your account, profile and chats from your mobile to your computer.

Well, now that we have WhatsApp Web active and available on the computer we can start creating all kinds of stickers directly in the same browser tab. It is very simple:

Click on the clip icon to share a content and choose the new Sticker icon. The one with glitter.

Now choose an image that you previously have on your computer. It can be a photo you downloaded from a WhatsApp chat, or a meme downloaded from the Internet or any JPEG format image previously stored. Select it in the window to start creating the sticker.

Now it’s time for editing. Here WhatsApp Web presents us with a multitude of tools to create the sticker: we can enlarge or reduce the workspace, crop the selected image, move it, enlarge or reduce it… You will have all the options at the top. There are also other interesting options such as being able to include Emoji emoticons, text or even draw. So the possibilities multiply enormously according to our creativity, being able to create stickers or build real memes with text and everything.

Once we have everything to our liking we can close the edition and send the sticker. It looks like any other WhatsApp sticker in the conversation. The difference is that it is created by your hand.

By the way, it is important that you store the created sticker if you want to keep it and use it later. By default WhatsApp Web allows you to create it and send it, but it doesn’t stay as one more in your collection. The solution to this is simple: click on the sticker and choose to make it a favorite. In this way it will be added to your collection of favorites to have it always at hand and available wherever you need it.