Telegram Does Not Connect How To Fix This Error?

Here’s how to fix connection problems in Telegram

One of the most interesting messaging applications for its communication functions is Telegram. But sometimes this, like other apps, is not free from not working as we would like. If Telegram does not connect, how to solve this error? We explain.

The Telegram application was launched in 2013 and today it has become one of the most popular apps for communication. The platform offers privacy and security in conversations with end-to-end encryption. In this application you can also chat individually or in groups, find channels and bots to watch soccer, play games, etc. You can also send interactive stickers or make video calls with any contact.

Sometimes the application faces connection problems, i.e. Telegram does not connect, how to solve this error? Try the list of solutions below.

The first thing to check is that your mobile device can connect to the internet. If you are in a place with poor coverage or your wifi network is down, neither Telegram nor other apps will work. Check that you can load web pages from your mobile browser. If not, reboot the router if you are connecting from a wifi network.

Check that you have all Telegram permissions enabled. In iOS go to “Settings” and look for Telegram in the list of apps. Then check that “Mobile data” is enabled. On Android, tap and hold the app icon and then tap “App info”. Then go to “Permissions” and check that they are enabled.

Deactivate the battery saving mode. If you have enabled this mode, Telegram may not connect. To disable it on iOS you can do it from “Settings”. Then go to “Battery” and click on “disable low power mode”. On Android go to “settings” and “battery” and where it says “battery saving” deactivate it.

Why Telegram Is Not Working Today

If one day or at a certain time you try to log in several times on Telegram, but there is no way it works you will wonder why Telegram does not work today? We are going to show you how you can find out if the app has suffered a worldwide crash.

Sometimes the Telegram malfunction may not have its origin in our internet network or connection, nor is it due to a malfunction of our mobile device. It may happen, as it happens in any other platform, that Telegram suffers a long fall and does not work worldwide. To find out if this is what happens you can check it through the Downdetector.

Entering this website and searching for Telegram you will check if there are problems in the application’s servers. If you see that the graph shows large peaks in the last hours the problem is of the platform.  

It Won’t Let Me Log In To Telegram

You may at some point open the Telegram app and no matter how much you go in and out of it there is no way to work, that is, it does not let you enter Telegram.

If you are in this situation it may be the case that your mobile device does not have the latest version of the app installed. Check if there are updates of it and install them to have them on your mobile.

In addition, you should check that you have enough storage space to be able to run Telegram. If you have little space you will not be able to run this or other applications with a correct operation.  To do this clean the cache of the device by pressing the square button in Android that you have in the bottom home menu.

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