How To Disable Location History In Google Maps

Learn how to disable location history in Google Maps. If you don’t want anyone, not even Google, to have a record of the places you’ve been, we show you how to disable Google Maps location history.

One of the things that concern many users of Google services is that they keep perhaps too much information about us. They can even get to know where we are. If this does not convince you, you will be interested to learn how to disable the location history on Google Maps. To do this, you must follow these steps:

  • In your Google account, go to the Location History section.
  • Select the devices you want the changes to be applied to
  • Slide the button next to the words “Location History”.
  • You will see a message telling you about the consequences of pausing the location history. Read it and click Pause
  • From that moment on, the places where you are, or where the devices you have indicated are located, will no longer be recorded. But the sites you were on before you proceeded to deactivate it will not be deleted.

To delete the history, you will have to go to the timeline section in the Google Maps application, from where you can delete what you want.

Is The Google Maps Timeline Reliable?

If you want to remember a place you’ve been or check (with their permission) where someone else has been, you may wonder if Google Maps’ timeline, which analyzes all the places you’ve been in the past few months, is reliable. The reality is that the reliability of this service is quite high, and it gives fairly accurate results.

Of course, there are always some small details to keep in mind. As is logical, the Google Maps chronology only saves the places where we are when we have the mobile on us. Therefore, in the event that a person wants to be in a place and there is no record only has to leave the phone at home or put it in airplane mode. And there is also the possibility that you look at someone’s timeline and that person has previously deleted a record.

There are also times when Google records a visit to a place and we have been very close to it, but not exactly in it.

How To Export The Google Maps Timeline

If you want to use the data saved by Google Maps in another application, it may be useful for you to know how to export the Google Maps timeline.

The steps you need to follow are as follows:

  • Open the Google Maps app
  • Click on the icon with your Google profile picture that you will find at the top of the app.
  • Go to the section Your data in Maps
  • Go down to the Download your Maps data option
  • Select the specific data you want to export and click on Next step
  • Choose the delivery method, the frequency at which your data will be downloaded and the type and size of the file
  • Click on Create export

Within a few minutes (depending on the size of the files you want to export) you will receive in your email or in the delivery method you have requested a compressed file in which you will have all the data that Google Maps has stored about you. Once you finish the process, you will be able to import them into any other application.

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