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Do you want to give a more artistic and original touch to your images? We show you how to make color pop in Google Photos.

Color pop is a technique in which an object or person in the photo appears in color, while the rest is in black and white. If you like how the result looks, you may have wondered how to make color pop in Google Photos.

Google’s cloud-based photo publishing application has an option to edit images. To access it, you just have to enter the photo you want to edit and then click on the edit button that appears at the bottom. There you will find all the options you have at your disposal to edit your images.

The specific color pop option is located in the filters section. The filter has just that name, color pop. Once we have added this filter, we will have to click on the part of the photo that we want to remain in color, while the rest will remain in black and white. Once we have done this, we can also play with the depths or other settings to make the result even more impressive.

How To Retouch Photos In Google Photos

If instead of pop color you want to make other adjustments to your images, you may be wondering how to retouch photos in Google Photos. The reality is that it is a very simple process and has quite a lot of possibilities. The only thing you have to do, as we have already explained, is to open the image you want to edit and click on the Edit button that will appear at the bottom. Then, you will find all the options to retouch your photos that you have at your disposal.

Among these editing options you will find from the ability to crop or rotate your images to improve the lights and shadows or depth. There is also a wide variety of filters available for more automated retouching.

Once you have made all the relevant changes to your photo you will have the option to save as a copy, i.e. the original remains on the server, or to modify the image directly so that it is the only version that remains on record.

How To Edit The Focus Of Photos In Google Photos

One of the editing options that give a better result is to know how to edit the focus of photos in Google Photos. Blurring a little the background of an image can help us to obtain impressive results in photos that we have made simply with our mobile. And the process to achieve this is quite simple.

The beginning of this process is the same as the previous ones. We simply have to open the photo in which we want to touch the focus and then press the Edit button. There we will be able to access all the options for it.

Next, we will press the parameters button, which we will find in the center. There we will be able to see the options to retouch the light, color and depth. By moving the bar in the latter, the depth, we will be playing with the focus.

Once you have finished, choose whether you want to save the changes in the original or as a copy and you will have the result at your disposal.

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