How To Get Free Skins On Stumble Guys

Learn how to get free skins on Stumble Guys. We show you how to get all the free skins in Stumble Guys so you don’t spend a penny.

Skins differentiate Stumble Guys players from each other. Finding out how to get free skins in Stumble Guys is a simple task that we tell you in this tutorial. The skins modify the appearance of the character. Therefore, in the same game we can see an opponent disguised as a pirate compete against a skeleton.

In Stumble Guys we don’t buy skins, we get them randomly. And the game uses roulette wheels where we can get one aspect or another, so it is possible that we get the skin we want at the first attempt or pull the roulette hundreds of times until luck gives it to us. In the Store there are 3 roulette wheels that reward exclusively with skins, although for this you will have to spend gems or tokens, the official currency of the game.

However, what interests us in this article is how to get free skins in Stumble Guys without the need to spend tokens or gems. Whether you have the Android or iOS version, these are the ways to earn free skins:

  • Pulling the daily roulette: it’s a free roulette available every day (not every 24 hours). We will be rewarded with gems, animations, steps or skins. We will hardly get a unique look but it is completely free. If we already spent the daily roll, we can roll another 4 times in exchange for seeing 4 ads (ad per roll).
  • Winning games: If we win games, the game will reward us. The rewards for winning are juicy, since, among them, there are high level skins. Newbies will find it impossible, but as they improve, they will get closer to victory.
  • Leveling up: Stumble Guys has a season pass called Stumble Pass. Season passes are a typical mechanic of free to play games in which the player receives rewards for leveling up. In Stumble Guys we have two passes: the Premium, which costs 1200 gems, and the Free. In the latter we do not enjoy great possibilities of achieving high level autendos, since most of them reward with common level skins.

How To Unlock Special Skins In Stumble Guys

Special skins are the most prestigious skins in Stumble Guys. Many players rack their brains wondering how to unlock special skins in Stumble Guys without knowing that the procedure is the same as with the others: random at the roulette wheel. We distinguish them in the Legendary window under “Appearance” and there are only 4, a tiny number compared to the 15 Legendary, 44 Epic, 46 Rare, 45 Common and 53 Unusual. Only the most consistent players have these special skins, but not because you have to complete difficult challenges but because there is very little chance of getting them.

That said, there are other actions outside the game to get them. Both entail installing foreign files and relying on unofficial websites. First, APK MODs circulating on the Internet allow you to get a “pirated” version of Stumble Guys with all customization options unlocked. Whoever installs it must assume the risks of installing an unofficial app that may contain dangerous files and store sensitive information. On the other hand, the Internet also hosts generators or freeinjects, which patch the application by means of a file to unlock all the features.

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