Create questions and quizzes with multiple answers in Google Forms

With Google Forms, you can create online quizzes, surveys, questionnaires, evaluations, sign-up sheets, or memberships that you can send in emails as well.

If you still haven’t used the Google Forms tool, it’s time to do so, not only for professional reasons but also for those who want to use email in a more interactive and modern way. Google Forms is a fantastic tool for creating forms, in fact, of all kinds: quizzes, surveys, questionnaires, assessments, or even a sign-up sheet or membership for a pizza, a soccer game, a meeting, or school.

Let’s take a look together at how to create questions and quizzes with multiple answers in Google Forms, with a special focus on the features we can leverage for school in DAD (by syncing quizzes and questions with Google Classroom).

Guide to creating questions and quizzes on Google Forms

What makes Google Forms a fantastic tool are at least three features: its ease of use (within everyone’s reach), being free with no limitations, and the feature that allows it to easily integrate with an Excel spreadsheet or in an email sent from Gmail. All you need to get started is a Google account to access Google Drive; once you have the account, click on the New button and then on Google Forms.

In the initial screen of Google Forms, you can write a title, a description, provide the data of the first question and then enter the answers that can be multiple choice, free text, selection, boxes, or even with the choice of a value from 1 to 5, ideal for surveys. The answer can also be a time or date if you need to ask when to meet or at a particular time. You can also insert more questions with more answers underneath, adding more sections via the + button. From the menu on the right, you can also add images, YouTube or computer videos, and other titles.

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The important thing to take care of is the general settings of the form, accessible from the buttons at the top, to change the color of the theme or to choose how many times the respondents can answer and if they can edit it. You can also view a preview version of the form to check how it looks to the people it is sent to.

How to send the form

Once the questions and answers are written, you can click the button to submit the form with several possibilities. Once the form with the questions and quizzes has been created, we can send it by email or share the link (using the Facebook and Twitter buttons) or embed it on a web page.

In case you want to send the form via email, you can activate the option to embed the form in the message, so that it will be displayed in the body of the email and let the recipients answer directly, without having to click links. Sending via Email is done through the Gmail address associated with the Google account.

How to check responses

When we start getting answers from the participants in the quiz or survey, just reopen the form and click on the Answers button, clearly visible in the middle of the page next to the Questions button.

There are then two basic options, one to view them in a spreadsheet (such as an Excel spreadsheet), or to view the data in summary graphs such as a pie chart, useful in the case of surveys or where you want to see the majority of opinions. The spreadsheet option can work to have a list of responses that you can manipulate and analyze as you would with an Excel spreadsheet.

Create test assignment for school

The potential of Google Forms particularly resurfaces if we are professors and manage a class that studies and does verifications from home. To create a test or a class assignment with Google Forms, we open the Google Classroom page, log in with the school Google account, click on the course or class where we want to do the test, click on Coursework, click on the Create button and finally on Quiz assignment.

In the new screen, we can either take advantage of the Classroom interface to create all the questions and answers of the assignment or press down on Blank Quiz from Google Forms, so we can create the new assignment with quizzes in the interface we described a moment ago. Once the creation is complete, the data can be imported into the Classroom interface, so you can assign points and grades for each answer and also monitor the progress of the answers by the students.


With all this simplicity and interactivity, Google Forms can become the perfect way to organize a group activity of any kind without having to create a chain of messages or emails that have no organization. Even those who have never used Google Forms will receive this question integrated with the email and will be able to answer it and without difficulty. The potential of Google Forms is especially visible if we use them for school, so we can quickly create assignments with quizzes to use.

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