How do you cancel an App purchase on Kindle Fire if you didn’t make it yourself?

Find out how do you cancel an App purchase on Kindle Fire. Kindle Fire has become one of the best apps to read on your devices, just by buying it, it will already be in your virtual library.

Buying with this application is something very simple to do so it is very common to hear stories that sometimes you buy by accident or that a child made purchases without your authorization, which can generate unnecessary expenses that you can easily avoid and here we will show you how.

What to do if someone has made a purchase on Kindle Fire without your authorization?

As we have already told you Kindle Fire is a very simple application to use, perhaps too simple, if you have children in your home it is likely that they are interested in reading some comic or manga in this application, without understanding that this is a service that you have to pay. In fact, because of how easy it is to buy by accident in this app without your authorization, many people sued Amazon for a solution.

Since that lawsuit Amazon implemented a very simple system of returns within the application, this to be able to return these books that have been purchased by mistake in a faster and more efficient way for the consumer.

How to cancel the purchase of an application made on Kindle Fire?

The simplicity of this application has made it very recognized, buying a book through Kindle fire is as simple as clicking a couple of times on the screen, the same happens if we want to cancel a purchase made within this app, something to understand is that the action of automatically canceling will also allow you to process your refund, something that we are going to explain later.

From the App settings

Something to know is that all the actions you must do is within the application settings, once we access with our Amazon account, but remember that this action is only simple when buying books so if you also expect to get a refund in any other Amazon application this changes drastically.

How to request a refund for the purchase of an application?

Now to be able to cancel your purchase and be able to request a refund on Kindle Fire, as we have already told you before, it is something too simple to do something that is not very common in other shopping apps.

Remember that in order to make a cancellation in which you can receive your refund, this must be done before a period of 7 days, because if you do it after this time you will not be able to get a refund. To get your refund you must follow these simple steps:

  • First you must log in to Amazon.
  • Now at the top of your Amazon home page, where you see the account name, click on the drop down menu, which is right next to the ‘Accounts and lists’ option. Within the menu you should click on the ‘Your content and devices’ option.
  • On the first page you will see on your device, click on the ‘Manage your content and devices’ option, this will show three options, you should click on the one that says Your content, this will show all the books and apps you have purchased in the app.
  • Once you see the content you want to get rid of, click on the three dots button next to it, this will show you several options in which you should press the ‘Return for refund’ option.
  • A pop-up window will appear where you will be asked to confirm the action, press ‘Return for refund’ and that’s it, the purchase will be canceled and your money will be refunded.

How to disable in-app purchases on Kindle Fire?

Amazon in view of the problem and the many complaints from their consumers saying that their children unintentionally bought content that they did not want, did not hesitate to take care of the matter, so they implemented a measure to prevent this from happening.

By placing the option to disable in-app purchases, making you require a password to be able to use this feature, to activate it you must do the following:

  • Enter the app store of your Kindle Fire, inside this click on the Settings button that you will see below the menu.
  • Click on the ‘Parental Controls’ option.
  • Within this you must click on ‘Enable parental controls’. Doing this will prompt you to enter your Amazon account password every time you want to make a purchase as a security measure. This will ensure that purchases within your Kindle Fire will be more difficult for any child to make, because they will have to go through a two-step process and have to know the password to make any purchase within the app.
  • Once you enable this and enter the password, you will see the option ‘Password protected purchases’ under the parental controls section, make sure this is enabled and voila, you will have no more problems with unauthorized purchases.
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