How To Send Photos That Can Only Be Viewed Once On Whatsapp

Learn how to send photos that can only be viewed once on Whatsapp. Sending a photo or video to a group of friends or to a single person is very common through social networks. It is also from messaging apps, something that everyone has at hand thanks to the fact that they are available on any device.

But sometimes you may not want that person to have that image more than the only time they open it. It is in these cases where you need to know how to send photos that are only seen once on WhatsApp.

Yes, you can send temporary photos on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the most used applications in the instant messaging segment.

You just have to add your cell phone and accept a couple of permissions in order to use all the features of the application.

Among them there is one that you must accept, which is the access to the internal storage.

This will allow you to access your phone’s photo and video gallery, as well as save all the audio notes you generate and receive on your phone.

Once you have all the accesses given, you just have to start using the application, where you will see a very interesting function such as sending photos that are only sent once.

And it fulfills exactly what it promises, since you can send a single image to a contact and it disappears after opening.

How to send photos that are only seen once in WhatsApp

Let’s get to the practical part of this tutorial in which we are going to teach you how to send photos that are only seen once on WhatsApp.

You should note that this feature is activated both with the photos you send directly from the app’s camera, as well as from the image gallery of your smartphone.

Having clarified this, we will now describe the process:

  • Open WhatsApp
  • Select a contact
  • Choose the attachments icon
  • Select an image from the gallery or make it with the camera
  • When previewing the image, click on the button with 1
  • The app will tell you when the option is enabled
  • Click on the send button
  • Wait for the image to be sent

Although it is very detailed in the previous points, we leave you this video of the company itself where they explain step by step how to send photos that are only seen once in WhatsApp.

On the other hand, this feature has something that could be called a security filter.

It turns out that when you finish the whole process described above, and unlike sending traditional images, the app will not show you a preview of the file sent.

Nor will the automatic download function be activated in case you have it, so the image will not be saved on the contact’s terminal even if this feature is active.

As you can see, the behavior of the application is very interesting, since it will not only tell the user who has opened it that he will not see the photo again, but it will also warn the author that this event has occurred and when. Therefore, you will always know that it has already been viewed.

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