How do I change my user name on Zoom? – With the website and the application

Learn how do I change my user name on Zoom. As we all know, Zoom is one of the main applications that exist today to make video conferences with people, and it is generally used to make business meetings or to give virtual classes.

However, the names of the users may appear as they are registered at the beginning of the account, and in many occasions these names or this information are not the real ones, so many people look for a way to change the name of the user so that when they connect to the meeting they appear with their real name or with the nickname they want to use.

How to change the profile name during a meeting on the Zoom website?

In order to change the name of your profile while you are in a Zoom meeting from its web page, you must first enter your browser and search for the Zoom page and log in. After logging in, you must program the room you want to make, and wait for it to start; when the meeting starts and all the participants are in it.

You must go to the participants option and you will notice that in the upper right part of the screen a box will appear with the participants that are in the meeting, so you must look for the option where it says I, that is to say, look for your user profile in the list, after you identify yourself, you will click on the option where it says More.

So 2 options should appear, one is to edit your profile and the other is to rename, so you will proceed to click on the rename option, when you click on rename you will notice that a pop-up window will appear on the screen, which will ask you for the name you want to place so you will proceed to place the name and then click on Ok.

This way when you go back to the meeting you will notice that your name has been changed. On the other hand, Zoom not only allows you to change your user name, but you can also change your profile picture by going to the edit account option.

How can I replace my Zoom name using different devices?

To be able to replace your Zoom name using different devices other than your web page, you must have the Zoom applications, either mobile or PC, and then follow the steps below.

We are going to tell you more, however, it is worth mentioning that you cannot change the name every time, since the meeting administrator will have the option of not allowing the participants to change it.

If you are on an Android phone do this

If you are on an Android phone, and you want to change your username during a Zoom session, the first thing you should do is go to your mobile app and log in or log in, after you are in the meeting, go to the participants option.

You will look for the option that says I, when you are there, simply click on the name and you will see the option that says change name, so you will write the name you want to appear, and click on Ok, ready, this way you have already changed your name in the meeting, but if you are not in a meeting and you want to change it directly from your profile you have two options.

One is, when you click on join meeting a box will appear where you will have to put your name and then you will have to insert the ID of the meeting, and the other option would be to enter your account settings.

Then click on the user name, when you are here, you will notice that in the option that is below your profile picture, there is the option to change your name so you will proceed to change it in this way your name will be changed in the Zoom section and also when you decide to send a message, this same name will appear.

If you are using a PC

If you are using a PC you have two options, the first one is entering from their web page through a browser or downloading the application for PC, then you must follow the steps mentioned above, but if you are going to do it without entering the meeting, simply, go to your profile, then your name and click on the option to edit, and ready you put the name you want, and click on ok.

With an iPhone device

Now, if you decide to do it with an iPhone device you can do the same steps we did with the Android device, this way you will have your username updated.

If you have a Macbook this is the solution

To do it on a Mac, you can do it by downloading the application and installing it on your computer, or on its website, then, as we did with a Windows computer, we can configure the user name, and if you do it from the web it is also the same procedure.

How to change the participant’s name in Zoom being the meeting administrator?

In order to change the name of a participant in Zoom, you must have configured in your account the option to allow participants to be renamed, so the first thing you must do is log in to your account and then in the settings.

From the account, then you should look for the option and check if it is blue, because if it is not, the participants will not be able to change their name and neither will the administrator, on the other hand, we advise you, if possible, to always record your Zoom meeting, so you will have an evidence of the meeting.

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