How To Search Google Photos From Mobile | Guide

See here how to search Google Photos from your cell phone and learn how to group images of your loved ones.

Surely you’ve already heard that the services of this app will no longer be free, so we tell you how to search Google Photos from your mobile, in case you have to start deleting any…

Since June 1, 2021 Google Photos stopped being 100% free for its users; once you exceed 15GB of storage (those are still free), you need to pay to have more space. If you don’t, your oldest data could be deleted.

How To Search Google Photos From Your Mobile

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To find out how to search Google Photos from your mobile, the first thing to do is to make sure that your phone is associated with a Google account. If so, the folder with all the applications, including Google Photos, will appear directly on your screen: locate the icon shown in the image and press.

Once inside, there are many ways to search for photos, very similar to if you usually do it from your PC. Look!

When you enter, look for the magnifying glass, at the bottom center, and several options will appear: places, things, people … If any of them does not come out, it is normal, as Google itself explains “some features are not available in all countries, in all domains or in all types of accounts”, but you can also activate them, as we will explain later.

Further down, you will also see that other options such as selfies, screenshots, videos, etc. are preset. You can go into these folders depending on what you are looking for. But, if you want to do a more precise search, read on!

How To Use The Google Photo Search Engine

Knowing how to use the Google Photos search engine can help you find the image you need. The search engine will appear at the top of your screen: it is the bar where you can type what you are looking for.

An example: if you type in the word “sea”, all the photos you have in the cloud of the beach will automatically appear. You can use all the search terms you can think of: names of people, countries, things… The more tags you put on your photos, the more refined the search will be but, in general, it will not be necessary to find images.

How To Search For People In Google Photos

If you want to find images with a specific person, we tell you how to search for people in Google Photos. The first option is simple, put the name of that person in the search engine: if you have tagged them in an image or if their name appears in the photo, you already have it.

However, there is another much more practical option which is “Enable grouping by faces”. To do this, look at the bottom of the Google Photos interface within the “Search” section. As seen in the following image:

When you enter you just have to check the option. If it doesn’t appear right away, don’t worry, it may take a while. If you have done it correctly, you will have direct access to the “People and Pets” folder.

You can also do this step in another way if you are interested in a specific person:

  • Find a photo of that person.
  • Click on the pencil to the right of the phrase “1 face available to add”.
  • Select the face. And on the screen asking if you want to create a new person, click “Create”.
  • Then add a name.

Google will identify the images that a person appears in and group them together. So if you want to find a photo of that person, either go into their folder or enter their name in the search engine. Then yes, all their photos will appear.

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