How To Send Audio Messages In Telegram

Here’s how to send audio messages in Telegram to save time in your conversations

Tired of having to type a text message or don’t have enough time to do it? Discover how to send audio messages in Telegram and forget about using the keyboard to explain anything to your contacts. With audio messages you will do it much faster and you can better detail the information.

If there is a messaging application very focused on both security and speed of use, that is Telegram. Its ease of use and speed have already led it to have more than 500 million active users worldwide and to become one of the ten most downloaded apps in the world.

In addition to being able to send written messages, images or videos on Telegram, you can also send audio messages. Audio messages are faster to prepare than text messages because the user does not have to use all the letters on the keyboard. If you want to switch to this message mode we show you how to send audio messages in Telegram. You will see that it is very easy and fast and you will quickly get used to doing it.

To learn how to send audio messages in Telegram, follow the steps below.

  • Open the Telegram app.
  • Go inside the chat where you are going to send the audio message.
  • At the bottom right of the screen you will see a microphone.
  • Press and hold that microphone and start talking.

When you finish, release the microphone and the message will be sent to the conversation.

If you don’t want to have to constantly hold down the microphone, Telegram microphone gives you the option to lock it. Just start recording audio by pressing the microphone and without releasing slide your finger to the lock. It will continue recording without the need to hold down. When you’re done, tap on the circular icon with the white up arrow and the audio will be inserted into the conversation.

Why Can’t I Send Voice Memos In Telegram?

In the previous section we have seen how to send audio messages in Telegram. But if no matter how much you follow all the steps, you can’t carry it out, you may wonder Why can’t I send voice notes in Telegram? We tell you some causes of what may be happening.

Most likely, if you can’t send voice notes in Telegram you have disabled the permissions to use the microphone. To activate them or to check that this is not the problem, you just have to enter the “Settings” of your mobile and then enter applications and the Telegram app. Then check that where it says “microphone” the controller is activated.

Another of the most likely causes why you can not send voice notes on Telegram has to do with connection problems. If you are in a place with poor coverage or the wifi network is down, you will not be able to send voice notes in Telegram.

How To Enable Voice Dictation In Telegram

You already know how to send audio messages in Telegram, but if what you need is to know how to enable voice dictation in Telegram so that you dictate by voice and it becomes text below we give you the steps to follow.

To integrate voice dictation in a text chat what we are going to do is to use a bot that facilitates the task. To do this open Telegram and in the top search box type @voicy. This is a bot that allows you to transcribe your voice to text.

Choose the first result and after the welcome message that appears, click on the microphone and start dictating what you want to say. Then release the microphone and in a few seconds the dictated text will appear. If the bot makes a mistake in any sentence you can edit it. Copy it and paste it into the Telegram chat of the conversation.