“Unfortunately the Telegram chat is no longer available” – what does that mean?

“Unfortunately the Telegram chat is no longer available” – this is an error that can occur to every user. What is it related to, why does it occur? Is it possible to unblock access to the group yourself? Let’s try to figure it out!

Causes of the error

The “Sorry, Telegram chat is no longer available” alert can pop up only in a group conversation – no matter how big or small.

There are several reasons for this, and we need to deal with each of them in detail.

You have been blocked

The first reason is very trivial – the administrator of the group conversation decided that you shouldn’t have access to materials. So he sent you to the blacklist!

This action is not the same as simple deletion – you can still see the main group window, but you cannot read the correspondence or perform any other action.

You can’t deal with this error by yourself, you can only try to contact the administrator another way and ask about the reasons for blocking.

Group is blocked

The second reason why the chat in Telegram is no longer available – the dialogue was blocked by the moderators of the messenger. There are many reasons for blocking: a lot of complaints from users, spam, incorrect content, violation of community rules and much more.

If the conversation was blocked at the “highest level”, you can only wait. Either the creators will get it unblocked (if they cannot be accused of violating the rules), or they will create a new channel, where you will definitely be invited.

System failure

The “Sorry, Telegram chat is no longer available” alert – why does it appear? The third answer to the question you will like, you can blame elementary system failure, technical malfunction.

Why will you like it? Because you can fight this error! Try restarting your device, restart messenger and wait for a while. The problem will solve itself in a few minutes.