How to set a secret chat in Telegram

Find out how to set a secret chat in Telegram. Do you want to have maximum privacy in your conversations? We show you how to set a secret chat on Telegram.

In Telegram, we can find two types of chats: normal and secret. The main difference is that normal chats are governed by self-encryption, while secret chats are end-to-end encrypted, just like WhatsApp. In addition, there are other privacy features that can be useful. But the first thing we need to know is how to put in Telegram a secret chat.

To put a secret chat, you need to tap on the floating button with a pencil icon that we use to start a new conversation. Instead of tapping directly on the contact, you want to talk to, you must click on New secret chat. Then you will be able to choose the person with whom you want to have a totally private conversation.

If you already have an open conversation with that person, just by tapping on the three dots menu you can find the option Start a secret chat.

Why i don’t get a secret chat in telegram

One of the great advantages of Telegram is that it is cross-platform. That is, you can start a conversation on your mobile and continue it on your PC or tablet. However, if you have a secret chat and then try to access it on another device, you will see that you can’t find it. And in that case, it is easy to wonder why I do not get secret chat in Telegram.

The reality is that one of the characteristics of secret chats, as we have said, is that they are end-to-end encrypted. This means that they will only be available on the device from which they are initiated and on which they are received. Therefore, there is no possibility of continuing an already started conversation on a different mobile or computer.

How to save photos from a secret chat in telegram

You may have ever wondered how to save photos from a secret chat in Telegram. And is that precisely one of the privacy systems of this type of chat is that we can make messages, photos, and videos self-destruct in the time we want. The reality is that, if the other person has sent you to self-destruct, it can not be saved unless we use “not very legitimate” tools to do so.

Both in the Play Store and the App Store we can find applications that allow us to save images from both Telegram secret chats and other similar privacy tools like Snapchat. But if we want to respect the privacy of the other person, we recommend that you only save the photos of the other if you have their permission.

Can you take screenshots in a telegram secret chat?

Just as we can’t save photos without the other person’s permission, you can’t take screenshots in a secret Telegram chat.

In fact, it is one of the privacy tools that differentiate normal chats from secret chats. While in a normal chat we can take a screenshot of any conversation and share it with other people or even publish it, in a secret chat you can’t. The idea is that we can have a more private conversation with another person without fear that what we talk about or the images we send will end up going all over the net. If you want to take a screenshot of a conversation, we recommend that you take it in a normal chat and not in a private one.

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