“This group is inaccessible due to copyright infringement” in Telegram: can I get around it?

Got the “This group is inaccessible due to copyright infringement” notification in Telegram or saw a message about being blocked for distributing unwanted content? What kind of limitations are these, can you bypass them or is it not worth even trying? 

Got the message “This group is inaccessible” in Telegram, how to bypass it? Such situations are not uncommon, and every user can encounter them. The main thing is to know how to fix the error.

The first part of the review is intended for those who use smartphones with Android OS. Very often problems appear if you use an application from the Google Play Store.

We are by no means saying that you should not download the messenger from the official store. On the contrary, we warn you against downloading the program from various dubious sources.

But if you see the notification “This group is not available” in Telegram, you can try to download the application from the official site of the developer. Just follow the link and find the right version.

Now you only have to install the APK file, this can be done using any file manager. Do not forget to allow in the settings to download applications from third-party sources (the option can be found in the “Security” section).

how to enter the group in Telegram, if the channel is inaccessible for some reason

There is another answer to the question of how to enter the group in Telegram, if the channel is inaccessible for some reason. This method will be especially relevant for those who use iOS devices or prefer the desktop version of the messenger.

We’re going to work on a computer – don’t get confused, you need to go to the app, not the web version!

  • Click on the three bars at the top left;
  • Go to the settings section;
  • Find the privacy tab;
  • Look for the “Sensitive Materials” block;
  • Activate the toggle switch next to the “Disable Restrictions” option.

This method works great – all you have to do is disable the lock on your computer for synchronization with your mobile device. Available on both Windows and macOS. Now you can browse publishers that weren’t available before.

Content Blocking

Sometimes the message “This group is inaccessible because it was used to distribute …” in Telegram is a kind of “verdict”. Some publishers are blocked by the administration for good reasons. Others may be subjected to restrictive measures by mistake, due to incorrect user complaints.

In any case, such a blocking cannot be bypassed – you have to wait until the pubic administration proves its innocence of violating the community rules. Only then will access be unblocked again for all users.

What else do I need to know? Even if you can circumvent the system by taking advantage of a perfectly official loophole, remember:

  • Blocked (or “hidden”) groups and channels cannot be found through the search bar;
  • In some countries, even the official methods do not work (it depends on the specific legislation on access to certain materials);
  • Even if you’re logged into a pubic, viewing your avatar will still remain inaccessible.

We told you how to bypass the error “This group is inaccessible because it was used to distribute …” in Telegram. In most cases, a few simple manipulations are enough to restore access to the content. Sometimes the blocking cannot be removed – you will have to accept it and wait.


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