How to send messages without sound in Telegram

Telegram is updated and adds the ability to send messages without sound and some new features you should know.

Telegram is unbeatable. The alternative application to WhatsApp has not stopped adding new features since its launch and here comes some very interesting features that will allow you to customize your messages and enjoy a little more of WhatsApp’s great rival.

Among the new features of the new update is the ability to send messages without sound although there are also changes in the groups along with new tweaks to the interface.

How to send a message without sound in Telegram?

One of the new features of Telegram in this update is the possibility of sending a message that does not notify the user. This is a very good possibility as it allows us to send a message that will not vibrate on the phone of the other person receiving the message. It is useful if we know that you are in a meeting but we do not want to forget to tell you something so that you do not forget it. No matter how the other person’s phone is configured, they will not receive any sound or vibration despite having the Do Not Disturb mode turned off.

To send one of these messages you just need to have Telegram updated 

  1. Write the message.
  2. Press and hold the send button and we will see a balloon that says “Send without sound”.
  3. If we click on it we will send the message in this way as we see in the image.
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