How To Take Your Smart Phone To The Snow Well Protected

At this time of the year it is quite normal to go to live experiences in a smart phone snowy landscape. If you have a mountain nearby where you can see snow or you decide to take a trip to enjoy a slope, there are several things you should not miss. The first is warm clothing, essential to not succumb to the cold, and the second is your smartphone well charged. You never know what can happen whether you’re going to slide down the slope or if you stay at the bottom, so we’re going to give you some tips to take your phone to the snow well protected.

Be careful if you take your Smart phone in the snow

It is well known that when you go to the mountain you should go accompanied and with your Smart phone well charged. The same applies if you want to spend the day in the snow, where visibility is also important for your companions to find you in case they lose sight of you. These are basic recommendations whether the day is good or bad, but you also have to worry about how to take your Smart phone to the snow well protected.

Yes, it may not be the most important thing at all, but we have already talked about how important a Smart phone is in our lives. Its applications are what make it a very versatile device, but with the basics it becomes a device that can save your life because you can be found by GPS or you can call yourself on the phone to be found in the worst case scenario. That is why we are going to tell you all the tips for its maintenance.

How to take your Smartphone in the snow

Smart phones are very prone to failure in unusual conditions. By this we mean that you must take care of it from external elements such as extreme temperatures, water, electrical surges or the typical ‘silly falls’ that can degrade the chassis to break the screen. That is why you must take care of them at all costs and today we are going to show you precisely how to take your Smart phone to the snow well protected.

The first thing you need is a case according to these needs. If you drop your phone the snow can cushion the fall if it is dense, but you should be aware that you do not know what is underneath and if it falls on a stone it can break. Silicone cases can help to reduce the shock, but the more robust the better.

Another important point in this section is condensation. As you know, snow is still water and if it gets into the terminal can kill some of its functions. That’s why we recommend not only the use of a case but also a cover with which to take your phone to the snow well protected.

But even with these two recommendations in mind, the third is somewhat safer. The less you take your phone out, the better. Not only because your hands will get very cold when checking it, but also because it is very cold outside, far from the cover of a pocket. And the temperature is very important because both very high and low temperatures can degrade the components of your mobile.

At this point we are going to put ourselves in a very extreme situation. Imagine that you have not been very foresighted and your mobile is running out of battery. Luckily you have a power bank that has the charge you need, but we recommend that if you have to do this you do it in a safe and warm place unless it is impossible. This is important to keep in mind because you will have to take the phone out of its waterproof case and if it is very cold not only can damage the terminal, but also the battery itself with which you are charging it.

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