How to download google maps for a Huawei cell phone

Here’s how to get Google Maps on your Huawei cell phone

Huawei has its own download application the AppGallery, but in it, you will not find any Google services. That does not mean you can not install them otherwise. Very attentive or attentive because we tell you how to download Google Maps for a Huawei mobile in a few steps.

In 2019 Google announced that it was ceasing to collaborate with the mobile company Huawei. This meant that future mobile devices of the Huawei company would not have included the Play Store or the most popular applications of the company, including Google Maps.

But everything has a solution, although Huawei smartphones do not have the Play Store there is another way to know how to download Google Maps for a Huawei mobile that we tell you below.

The first thing you must before you know how to download Google Maps for a Huawei mobile is that we will use an application called GSpace. Once you have downloaded and installed the GSpace app on your Huawei mobile. Before opening GSpace you need to go to the “Settings” application on your Huawei phone and click on “Applications”.

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Then you have to look for the GSpace application. Once inside it you have to go to “Permissions”. By default all the permissions of the application are disabled. Activate each one of them so that everything works correctly afterwards.

Once the permissions are enabled, open GSpace and you will see Google applications including Google Maps. Now click to open it. As in any other Google application for it to work you must have a Gmail email account with which you must log in.

We recommend that to avoid risks you create a Gmail email account that is not your main one, but is for using Google Maps. When you have it enter your username and password and you will have it running on your Huawei mobile.

Where to download google maps for your Huawei

If you’re wondering where to download Google Maps for your Huawei below we tell you. As mentioned above we have downloaded Google Maps through the GSpace application.

On the internet there are many websites where you can download GSpace, but you don’t need to go crazy looking for this application because you can also find it in the AppGallery of your mobile. You only need to enter the app store of your Huawei mobile and type its name to locate it.

If you do not want to go looking for GSpace you can access it directly by clicking on this link that takes you directly to the AppGallery.


Now that you know how to download Google Maps for a Huawei mobile through GSpace we are going to tell you all the information about this application.

You should know that GSpace is an application that has been approved by the Huawei company itself and that is why it is allowed to download from the phone’s own AppGallery. It is not a third-party apk that you have to download externally, but it has passed the controls of the company itself to be available in the app store.

What GSpace does is to add a virtual space on the phone. In this virtual space, Google applications and services are activated. Thus, within the virtual space you can log in to Google applications such as YouTube, Gmail, Drive or Google Maps as we have explained.

You should always keep in mind that for Google Maps to work you only have to meet two requirements. One is to have a Huawei phone compatible with the GSpace application and the other is to have downloaded and installed it correctly on your phone.

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