How To Animate Children’s Drawings On Smart Phones

We show you how to animate children’s drawings from your cell phone so that the characters created by the little ones can come to life.

Few things are as infinite as a child’s imagination. The little ones have a special power to create fantasy worlds and magical characters. And it is something that we can see especially when we leave them some pencils to draw. Surely many little ones have dreamed at some time that the characters created in their drawings could come to life. And if you have children in your environment, it is possible that you have ever wondered how to animate children’s drawings from the mobile. Although it may seem very complicated, we now have at our disposal a tool that will allow us to do it without the need for specific knowledge.

Meta, the company formerly known as Facebook, has launched an artificial intelligence tool that allows you to animate the drawings of the little ones without the need for advanced knowledge. All you have to do is upload the child’s drawing, follow a few simple instructions and in a few minutes you will have at your disposal a video showing the character created by the little ones dancing, running or jumping on one leg. Impressive results from a very simple process.

Artificial intelligence is usually easy to use when it comes to human beings. However, children’s drawings have elements from their imagination, which makes it especially complicated. But Meta’s new tool is quite successful. The results are really impressive, and are a great idea to surprise the kids during the upcoming school vacations.

Animate Children’s Drawings Step By Step

To give life to the drawings of the little ones, the first step is to enter the website that Meta has designed for this purpose. Once you are there, click on the Get Started button to start the process. The first step is to upload the drawing that the child has made and that you want to animate.

Keep in mind that the drawings must be on a white background, and well illuminated. Also, they must not have identifiable information or offensive motifs.

The next step will be to adjust the box that will appear on the screen so that it takes only one character. That is to say, if there are more elements in the drawing, make sure that only the character is inside the box. Then you will see some tools for a more appropriate selection. If any part of the body is not marked, use the pencil. If there are parts that should be separated but are together, use the eraser. Then you will see some dots that mark the limbs of the character. You can move and adjust them to your liking.

Now the drawing is ready to be animated. The only thing you have to do is to choose among the different options you have for it. For example, you can choose to dance, walk or run. On the screen you will find a series of examples with another doll that moves. Simply choose the one you find most amusing and you will have your animation ready. The drawing will have come to life.

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